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Grandia Director and G-Mode CEO Dies

In a statement by mobile games developer G-Mode, CEO Takeshi Miyaji passed away recently. A co-founder of the studio, Miyaji is best known as one of the directors for the Grandia series, having worked on the original Sega Saturn game and its Dreamcast sequel. He had also worked alongside his brother Yoichi for Game Arts on titles like Lunar: The Silver Star and Silpheed. Takeshi later left the company to co-found G-Mode.

Miyaji died this past Friday at the age of 45, though no further information was given.

Source: 1UP

Grandia Hits PSN… Now

Starting today, players can download the original Grandia over the Playstation Network for the PS3 and PSP. It sells for $9.99, which is sure to throw a crimp in the plans of the guy charging $144.99 for an unopened copy on eBay (Buy It Now for $155.99!).