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Square Enix Defends its Mobile Games Pricing

In a recent Kotaku interview, Square Enix responded to criticism of their mobile games prices, which are markedly higher than most other titles on the platform. “Each game is priced individually and evaluated based on the type of game, depth and overall experience,” a spokesperson replied, suggesting the content – which is also substantially larger – justifies the price. They also noted that the iOS versions are still cheaper than those on the original console or handheld.

Aware that this still leaves them the odd man out, Square Enix acknowledged that the North American market is “accustomed to lower priced or free-to-play games.” They cite their attempt at F2P pricing with Guardian Cross and are pleased with the response to the title so far. “Moving forward, we’re looking forward to the challenge of utilizing our strengths in creativity, world-building, and gameplay mechanics and matching those with a pricing model that are consistent with the market and provides players with a sense of overall value.”

Source: Eurogamer

Square Enix Announces Browser/iOS Titles

Square Enix recently revealed a string of new browser/iOS properties, including the following:

  • Crystal Conquest, a team-based, free-to-play side scrolling action game. Players set up as one of four classes, customized via a card-based skill deck. The official site has details about the upcoming alpha test, and the game is expected to go live on Yahoo! Games this summer.
  • Star Burial Dragnir, an iOS RPG from Wild Arms designer and writer Akifumi Kaneko. Little is known about this one, though further details will be announced on April 5.
  • Guardian Cross, an iOS card battle RPG. Also free-to-play, this title is planned for a Spring release and has a teaser site hereabouts.

Source: Andriasang