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Mass Media 07/07/12

Shadow Yukiko’s attacks are un-bear-able. Hee hee. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 07/07/12’ »

Mass Media 03/31/12

Elizabeth, but still no Yukari. D: Continue reading ‘Mass Media 03/31/12’ »

What Happened This Week – What Do You Do For Money, Hanii

Yeah, I watched the Idolm@ster anime. What can I say? I indulge in the occasional weird Japanese thing. Went better than expected, although I’m not wading into the games anytime soon unless one can guarantee more box malfunctions.

Right then, to the news! This week we have the following:

  • UK retailer GAME files for administration, the UK equivalent of Chapter 11.  Which means it’s game over NO MUST RESIST THE OBVIOUS PUN
  • Meanwhile, Zynga buys out Omgpop, makers of Draw Something, for a whopping $200 million.  They’re gonna have to sell a lot of Zynga funbucks to make it up.
  • BioWare plans “clarification” DLC for the Mass Effect 3 ending.  Forbes, by the way, has a better read on this fiasco than most games media outlets; spoilers aplenty, but give this article a read when you get time.
  • Dragon Age 2 winds down as the team gets ready for Dragon Age 3.  Presumably they’re all just glad they’re not the Mass Effect team right about now.
  • Speaking of dragons, Dragon’s Dogma‘s producer wants to sell ten million copies worldwide.  I’m just going to leave that there and let you picture it.
  • Yet another producer, this one for Resident Evil: Revelations, tells the truth and breaks my heart about where the survival horror genre has gone in recent years.
  • GameStop’s standing in retail is examined, Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition gets confirmed for the iPad, the .Hack series gets a fighting game, and more!

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Not So Mass Media 03/24/12

The Great Salt Lick says Cheria is a liar! Continue reading ‘Not So Mass Media 03/24/12’ »

.hack Versus: It’s a Fighter, Apparently

Care of Famitsu is the news that .hack Versus, the PS3 title bundled with the Blu-ray version of .hack//Sekai no Mikou no, is in fact a fighting game. Little is known, other than screenshots that show a similar perspective to the Naruto fighting games (which CyberConnect2 also develops). The game/movie bundle will be released on June 28, priced at ¥7,140 with a limited edition at ¥10,500.

Source: Andriasang