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Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns — Staff Review

The Harvest Moon franchise has been running for fifteen years and the key to its continuing popularity is its ability to tweak its formula with each new addition to the series. While Tale of Two Towns shares most of its game engine and graphics with last year’s DS iteration, Grand Bazaar, it adds a new twist to the series by forcing the player to choose to focus on either growing crops or raising animals.

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Mass Media 07/02/10

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Not So Mass Media 04/29/10

Not So Mass Media 02/14/10

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Mass Media 11/20/09

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Mass Media 11/11/09

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Mass Media 10/17/09

Mass Media 10/09/09

XeroZohar: Delicious Cactuar
CactuarJoe: No eating! Not allowed!
XeroZohar: Awwwwwww.
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