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We’re Going to the Moon!

Effective today, we’re switching IRC servers again. This time, we’re moving to, home of the moon penguins. Our friends at Soulriders made the jump a while back and we decided to follow suit. Lunarnet is more stable and the administration is more on-the-ball in dealing with technical issues.

If you regularly join us on IRC, please remember to connect to lunarnet instead of procrast. If you’ve never joined our IRC channel, drop in and visit us at our new home.

RandomNPC Chat Update

Our IRC channel is moving servers this week. We’ll stick around on the old one for a while longer as well, but the majority of our conversation will be moved over. Continue reading ‘RandomNPC Chat Update’ »

RandomNPC Chat

We have our IRC channel all ready to go for those of you who might be interested in joining our chat room. Continue reading ‘RandomNPC Chat’ »