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Kingdom Hearts HD Bundle Coming to PS3

In an interesting turn of events, Square Enix will be bringing older Kingdom Hearts titles to the PS3 in one tidy bundle. The 1.5 HD Remix includes HD-remastered versions of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Chain of Memories,, and 358/2 Days; Final Mix being the previously Japanese-exclusive re-release of the original.

No details have been given regarding the Japanese release, and a US release was not confirmed.

Source: Joystiq

Kingdom Hearts Interview with Nomura

John Boske and I had the pleasure of being invited to a round table interview with Tetsuya Nomura about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts games. Continue reading ‘Kingdom Hearts Interview with Nomura’ »

Game Changers: Volume 27 – Kingdom Hearts

Once upon a time, Squaresoft and Disney worked in the same building in Japan. Though they shared a residence, they each had their own projects and worked separately. One day, Shinji Hashimoto had a chance encounter with a Disney executive in the elevator and an idea appeared: a collaborative crossover game featuring Disney and Squaresoft characters.

Continue reading ‘Game Changers: Volume 27 – Kingdom Hearts’ »