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Mass Media 05/27/09

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Mass Screenshots, Artwork 11/11/08

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Kizuna – Screenshots, Artwork

Source: Famitsu

Wiimotes Waggle for Kizuna

In the latest issue of Famitsu, Jaelico announced Kizuna, an action RPG for the Wii. Miwa Shouda, known for Final Fantasy XII and Saga Frontier, is working on the scenario, and Youichi Kawaguchi, of Dragon Quest VIII fame, is the director/programmer. Famistu images reveal that the graphics are done in a hand-drawn style. Also, the game features huge bosses a la Shadow of the Colossus, and players will have to use the Wii remote to discover their weak points. Not much is known about the Kizuna‘s plot at present save that the protagonist is a young man named Lian. It’s due out this winter in Japan.

Source: Gamekyo