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Last Rebellion – Staff Review

Sometimes, it’s refreshing to go through a game with no foreknowledge of what’s going on. I rarely get that opportunity, given how close my ear tends to be to any RPG-related news source. Rare is it that I can claim that a game’s flown completely under my radar.

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Last Rebellion Site Launched, Release Announced

NIS America has launched the website for its upcoming RPG Last Rebellion. Plot details are available on the site, along with a trailer and main character bios. The story centers around opposing almighty forces of creation and destruction, which spawn undead monsters known as Belzeds from slain humans and animals. These, in turn, wreak havok on the world, and can only be destroyed by the combined powers of Blades and Sealers; masters of physical and spiritual destruction, respectively. In the wake of a massive civil war, countless Belzeds are created from the dead, and the civilized world relies on magical wards to keep the infested zones at bay.

The website and further information can be found here, and the game’s release period is listed as February 2010. No exact date is yet known.

Mass Media 12/17/09

SlayerGhaleon: Heeeeeeeeey Karl
SlayerGhaleon: Miku cosplay in new Tales game.
Karlinn: Graces? SOLD!
SlayerGhaleon: Yes, Graces.
* Karlinn endorses Miku appearances in any medium, even rockets to Venus:
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Mass Media 10/02/09

Alethea: ….bahahahaha
Alethea: 5 billion disgaea screenshots
Alethea: wolf hates you
Alethea: seriously, that’s SlayerGhaleon’s personal hell right there
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Mass Media 08/22/09

If you’re reading this, please help me. WolfRaven has me locked up in her basement and is forcing me to do lots of media updates.

Oh no, here she comes.

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Mass Media 07/10/09

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Last Rebellion Teaser Site Offers Fiddle Music, Singing, Not Much Else

Nippon Ichi has posted a teaser site for Last Rebellion, its upcoming PS3-exclusive RPG. The site only features the game’s logo and a spirited folk-rock theme song.

However, unlike Square Enix with its teaser site tactics, NISA has already released news and screenshots for The Last Rebellion. According to the press release, Last Rebellion has “[a] story of revenge featuring a dark anti-hero.” Gameplay will consist of action-game field movement and turn-based combat. Players can switch between Nine, a male character who specializes in physical attacks, and Aisha, a female mage who attacks and disables enemies with spells. In battle, the characters can target different parts of the enemies’ bodies, like in Vagrant Story and Fallout 3.

Last Rebellion will be released sometime this fall.