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La Tale’s Tale Gets Longer

OGPlanet annouced today that La Tale has expanded with new content. Eleven new zones including the Snowfield, the Dark Forest, and the Crytal Mine have opened up for players to explore as well as two new instance dungeons: The Moon of the 16th Day and the Pyramid Treasure Vault. In addition, players can now purchase pets as well as well as stat-boosting items for their faithful companions. New game systems have also been added in the form of Enchanting and Upgrade, which will allow players to improve their equipment. Greater character customization will also be enabled through the Beauty Shop.

LaTale – Staff Review

With a glut of free-to-play MMOs on the market, it isn’t easy for one game to stand out amongst the crowd, especially with so many of them using the same happy-happy theme. LaTale may be one more cute RPG out there, but it is definitely one of the higher-quality ones, featuring an entertaining combat system, a reasonable variety of character customization, and some great visuals and sound. The US release of this Korean-made game is a little under-featured, still missing a variety of fairly important sub-systems and a few critical areas and dungeons, but it is at least more or less bug-free and undemanding to run. Although marred by a few missteps, LaTale is a very solid casual MMO that should appeal to players looking for something easy and fun. Continue reading ‘LaTale – Staff Review’ »

LaTale Interview