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Riot Games Makes League of Legends Free-to-Play

In a press release posted on its forums, Riot Games has announced that its upcoming multiplayer session-based online game League of Legends: Clash of Fates will be free-to-play. Advancing in the game is free too; players can earn points to spend on special bonuses for their characters through hard work and dedication in sessions. For those who truly want to spend real money on virtual items, the game has optional microtransactions for certain content enhancements.

Riot Games has also announced the League of Legends Collector’s Pack, which will retail for $29.99. It includes extra goodies like unique Champion skins, free character power-ups, and some free points for microtransactions. If you pre-order with the game’s official site, GameStop, or Best Buy, you’ll receive an additional Champion skin.

The company has also invited everyone who’s interested in League of Legends to join a live chat on their website on Friday, July 17 from 2-4PM PDT.

League of Legends Impression 2

On my last evening at E3, the gang and I got our hands on League of Legends: Clash of Fates, Riot Games’ upcoming online SRPG. Whatever else can be said about the good folks behind this game, they are nothing if not gracious hosts. The game demo was a private party at a nearby bar, with food and drinks on the house. As for the game itself, it’s based on Defense of the Ancients, a popular mod for Warcraft III where players select hero units and square off amidst a larger ongoing battle. We were set up in a LAN group of about ten people, and once we all chose our heroes we were divided into two teams and dropped into the beta map. Continue reading ‘League of Legends Impression 2’ »

League of Legends Adds More Champions

Riot Games has just announced two new additions to League of Legends: Clash of Fates, its session-based multiplayer strategy RPG, bringing the total number of known characters up to 21. One is an undead creature called Sion, a melee combatant who focuses on life-stealing and damage reduction abilities. The other, Evelynn, is a stealthy assassin who gains attack bonuses from the deaths of enemy champions, regardless of whether she is the killer. Screenshots and detailed profiles are available on the game’s website, along with a new gameplay trailer showing three of the other champions in action.

League of Legends: Clash of Fates Impression 1

What’s unique about this impression is that it didn’t even take place at the show. Instead, the developer, Riot Games, threw a party at the Lucky Strike bowling alley just down the street. The party, billed as “booze, bowling, and brawl,” was very hip and swanky.

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