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Cavalcade of NISA Press Releases

Not one to let Square Enix have all the bulk news posts, NIS America has issued press releases for the following games, all PS3 exclusive:

  • The Witch and the Hundred Knights is set to hit store shelves in early 2013. (link here). As previously suggested, this action-RPG centers around two witches duking it out, with one unleashing a horde of Dark Knights to destroy the other.
  • Mugen Souls will see a fall release this year (link here). A free-roaming RPG with turn-based combat, it’s perhaps the first game I’ve seen to use “Moe Kill” as a bullet point.
  • Legasista is scheduled to launch in August (link here). A dungeon crawler “survival action RPG,” this one will be exclusively on the PlayStation Network.

Nippon Ichi Reveals Legasista

Nippon Ichi has launched a teaser website for Legasista, an upcoming PS3 action-RPG developed with System Prisma. Naturally, little is known about the title at this time, though the full site is expected to roll out on the 30th. In the meantime, the teaser can be found here.

Source: Andriasang