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Lost Odyssey Now More Affordable

Xbox 360 owners who’ve yet to pick up Mistwalker’s Lost Odyssey have some extra incentive to do so. The game now retails for only $29.99.

Microsoft Slashes Prices

Not content to merely lower the price of the Xbox 360 to as little as $199.99, with the fall comes a special discount on Xbox Live Marketplace downloadable content. Until the end of October, several RPGs will see reduced prices for extras.

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New Lost Odyssey DLC

For those of you still playing Lost Odyssey, some new downloadable content is hitting the North American Xbox Live Marketplace. For 200 points, players can purchase the “Killer Machine” ring, an ultra-powerful ring; “The Memory Lamp,” a device that lets you see any of the game’s many cutscenes at will; and a new dream exclusive to North America titled “The Shattered Beyond.”

Source: Destructoid

Lost Odyssey – Staff Review

Though the Xbox 360 has had more than its share of first-person shooters, the RPG genre has been largely overlooked. Fortunately, when Sakaguchi, the famed creator of the Final Fantasy series, left Square Enix to form Mistwalker Studios, he intended to change that. Lost Odyssey is the second offering from the new company, and it shows that RPG fans do, in fact, have a reason to own Microsoft’s white box.

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