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Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, Now With Extra-Special Edition

XSEED has confirmed that Lunar: Silver Star Harmony (titled as Lunar: Harmony of the Silver Star in Japan) will be getting a Limited Edition alongside the regular package. The LE will retail for $39.99, and includes a soundtrack CD and thirteen “bromide” collector cards.

Both versions are expected to release during the first quarter of 2010 for the PSP, although no precise date has been announced.

Famitsu Showcases Lunar PSP’s Four Heroes Scenario

Previously, we reported that Lunar: Harmony of the Silver Star (known as Lunar: Silver Star Harmony on this side of the world) will contain an additional scenario entitled “The Four Heroes.” Gungho and GameArts recently confirmed via Famitsu that this scenario does in fact cover the adventures of Dragonmaster Dyne.

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Mass Media 10/15/09

Roku: Lol, I just got demon souls as an early Christmas present apparently ^^;; “Dear Derek, this game is too (swearing removed) hard. You deal with it.”
SlayerGhaleon: Har
Alethea: XD
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Mass Media 09/02/09

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Gungho Works Sets Lunar Remake Release Date

Via the official Lunar: Harmony of the Silver Star website, Gungho Works has announced that the PSP remake of the first Lunar title will be released in Japan on November 12. Those who pre-order the game will receive a bonus limited edition soundtrack that includes “Nocturne of Wind 2009” and “Tsu Ba Sa 2009.”

XSEED will be localizing the game for its North American release as Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, but the company has not announced an official release date yet.

Mass Media 07/09/09

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Mass Media 06/10/09

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Better Telescope Invented, More Lunar Details Revealed

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XSEED Bringing Lunar, Half-Minute Hero to North American PSPs

XSEED recently announced that it will be localizing the upcoming Lunar remake, Lunar: Harmony of the Silver Star, for North America. It will also be rearranging the title’s words into Lunar: Silver Star Harmony. The company will also be bringing over Half-Minute Hero, known as Yuusha 30 in Japan. Both games should be released this fall.

Source: Siliconera

Mass Media 05/21/09

Y’know, I love Fallout 3 and all, and Broken Steel finally retcons the stupid ending, but I get the feeling it’s not going to add what I really want: getting to wear Col. Autumn’s sweet coat, and more President Eden. Ah well. At least mods can fix one of those. Anyway, on to the media: Lunar: Harmony of the Silver Star, Demon’s Souls, Final Fantasy Legend II DS, and Blazing Souls Accelerate. Check ’em out: Continue reading ‘Mass Media 05/21/09’ »

Mass Media 05/16/09

Y’know, Jackie Chan can star in the worst movie imaginable, but it would still be worth it for the blooper reel and at least one of the fight scenes. Who Am I? is just epic. But, I ramble. Today we’ve got some A Witch’s Tale, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord, Lunar: Harmony of the Silver Star, Ragnarok Online DS, and Resonance of Fate. Get ’em hot, get ’em here: Continue reading ‘Mass Media 05/16/09’ »

Third Time’s a Charm

Those who missed out on Lunar: The Silver Star when it was originally released on the Sega CD and later re-released as Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete on the PlayStation will have another chance. The latest issue of Famitsu has revealed that the PSP will be receiving an enhanced port of the game as Lunar: Harmony of the Silver Star.

Source: Siliconera