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Mass Media 09/07/11

Searching for duplicates of Makai Kingdom PSP media is ever so fun, right up there with smashing yourself in the face with a brick. Anyway, it’s media time, and it’s a biggie. In additional to the aforementioned Makai Kingdom PSP, we have 7th Dragon 2020, Dark Souls, Diablo III, Heroes’ Phantasia, Grand Knight’s History, Persona 4: The Golden, and Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena. Dig in! Continue reading ‘Mass Media 09/07/11’ »

Mass Media 07/12/11

You know it’s procrastination when you find the urge to replay games you don’t even own anymore, so you go trolling Amazon looking for deals. Uh, or so I’m told. Yes, that’s convincing. Right, on with the media: Final Fantasy XIII-2, Makai Kingdom PSP, Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues, Persona 2 Innocent Sin, and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 07/12/11’ »