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Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure DS – Staff Review

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure was something of a like it or hate it tactical RPG for the PlayStation. It had its share of flaws, but it was also a bit of a cult classic. The game followed the story of an adventurous girl, Cornet, who has the ability to communicate and fight alongside puppets and goes on a musical adventure that, as the title implies, involves a good deal of singing. Instead of simply porting the game over, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure DS makes some rather substantial tweaks in order to make the game more accessible. Continue reading ‘Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure DS – Staff Review’ »

Nippon Ichi Brings Music and Demons to Europe

PAL gamers itching for some Nippon Ichi goodness can get their fill in a few months’ time. It was announced today that PAL territories will be getting Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure for the Nintendo DS and Disgaea DS in spring of 2009.

Rhapsody DS – Screenshots, Artwork

Source: Dengeki

Rhapsody A Musical Adventure DS – Screenshots, Artwork

Marl Oukoku no Ningyouhime – Screenshots, Artwork

Source: Game Watch

NIS Announces New Entry in Marl Kingdom Series

Nippon Ichi, the company behind the Disgaea series, has recently announced a new title in its release schedule for the Nintendo DS. The game, titled Marl Oukoku no Ningyouhime, is most likely another entry in the musical RPG series known in North America as Rhapsody. The announcement was made through a new website, which for the moment lists only the game’s Japanese release date – August 7th. The site will see its official opening on June 6th, at which time further details about the game will likely be unveiled.

Source: IGN