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What Happened This Week – Nuclear Journalism Sales Effect

Good to see you folks again!  Been an interesting week of big-name personalities competing for air time, and a few surprising announcements to boot.  Let’s break it down:

  • Japanese companies react to the earthquake, and the politics of nuclear power.
  • When selectively quoted, Reggie and Nintendo look down on indie developers.  Context is one mean mother, huh?
  • Peter Molyneux joins the BAFTA Fellowship, admits he may have made up features to the press.  Say it ain’t so, Peter.
  • NPD revises electronic sales tracking, EA/Activision claim with a straight face that digital distribution is a key part of their revenue.
  • Mass Effect 2: Arrival announced.  How will we carry over our precious record of face-punching into Mass Effect 3?
  • Ubisoft contracts research firm to poll on hypothetical NGP prices, and shows up to the music game scene wondering where everybody went.
  • River City Ransom 2 is announced. Barf!

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Final Mass Effect 2 DLC Announced

With Mass Effect 3 in the works, BioWare has just formally announced the release date of the last DLC for Mass Effect 2.  Dubbed Arrival, the content will bridge the gap between the two games by taking Shepard into Batarian space, where a missing agent reportedly has information about an impending Reaper invasion.  Arrival will “show players just how close the Reapers are to returning,” according to executive producer Casey Hudson.  Apart from adding new research options, the content will also feature Admiral Hackett in a prominent role, possibly once again asking Shepard to do everything.

Arrival will release on March 29 for 560 MS funbucks, or $6.99.

Source: 1UP