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Mass Effect 2 PS3 Freebie Content Clarified

Addressing the official forums, BioWare’s Jesse Houston confirmed a few details about the upcoming PlayStation 3 release of Mass Effect 2.  Correcting a translation error in an earlier interview, Houston confirmed that all content currently available for 360/PC will be available on PS3.  Of particular note is that most of the substantial DLC content to date – Lair of the Shadow Broker, Kasumi: Stolen Memory, and Overlord - will be included for free.  As with other platforms, retail copies will also permit access to the Cerberus network and its content.

Unique to the PS3 release is the interactive comic, of which few details are currently known.  However, Houston mentioned that it would allow players “to be faced with some of the major choices which will have consequences your Mass Effect universe.”  It was specified that the comic would initially be exclusive to the PS3, given the first game did not appear on the platform.

Houston’s post can be read in full hereMass Effect 2 will be available for the PS3 in January of 2011.

New ME2 DLC Announced: Shepard Vs. Shadow Broker, Guest Starring Liara

BioWare announced today that new downloadable content is coming for Mass Effect 2.  Tellingly dubbed Lair of the Shadow Broker, this latest DLC pits Shepard and company against the titular black market of information.  Little is known about both the Shadow Broker itself and the content, although BioWare did announce that the player would team up with Liara, who stayed out of the party in Mass Effect 2 to focus on dealing with said organization.

More details and screenshots can be found on the official website.  A release date has not been stated.  Although their involvement has not been indicated in the content, Cerberus has nonetheless prepared to reset its “days since our last Resident Evil-style program failure” sign back to zero.