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Natural Doctrine Dated for NA, EU

NIS America announced that Natural Doctrine will launch on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita on September 16 in North America, with the European release set for September 19. Both retail and digital versions will be available at launch, along with a limited edition that includes an art book, poster, and explorer’s bag.

The LE will be available solely on NIS America’s online store, priced at $59.99 for Vita, $69.99 for PS3, and $79.99 for PS4. Furthermore, the title will allow cross-play and cross-save across the three platforms.

Source: Gematsu

Mass Media 04-12-14

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Natural Doctrine Online Details

Kadokawa Games released more information about Natural Doctrine‘s online mode. Before starting a match, you assemble a deck of cards based on what you’ve acquired in the single-player, with those cards retaining their status, gear, and skills from your game. One a deck is constructed, you can either search for a versus or co-op game, or set up your own. Players are awarded Card Points for completion of missions, which can be spent on new card packs.

Natural Doctrine hits the PS3, PS4, and PS Vita in Japan on April 3.

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Natural Doctrine Details: Dragon Tribe and Bonuses

More Natural Doctrine details have emerged, this time revealing more about the game’s dragon tribe. Specifically, elemental-themed Blue and Red Wyverns hound the player as they approach the tribe’s territory, an area called the Dragon Cemetary. After fleeing said wyverns, the player is introduced to the tribe proper by a bizarre goblin, who apparently is one of the few of his kind that can understand human language.

Outside the game, different retailers will reportedly offer different bonuses for copies of the game. Imagine will include a specially-drawn cloth poster, Furu 1 Online throws in a small soundtrack disc, and Geo adds an original PS Vita skin.

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Natural Doctrine Delayed to April

Kadokawa Games announced that Natural Doctrine is being pushed back to April, past its planned March 19 launch date. No exact date was given, and no specific reason was cited for the delay.

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Natural Doctrine to Feature Cross-Play and Cross-Save

Kadokawa Games has released more information regarding Natural Doctrine‘s multiplayer. Specifically, multiplayer is crossplatform; PS3, PS4, and PS Vita players will be able to play against each other in both online and ad-hoc modes.

Additionally, save data can be transferred between platforms via the PlayStation Network. To highlight this feature, a Natural Doctrine “Take Out Pack” will be sold separately for 7,980 yen, which includes the PS4 disc version and a download code for the Vita version.

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Natural Doctrine Information Revealed

More information about Natural Doctrine has been released. Kadokawa Games provided the following details:

  • Missions are divided into Story (plot progression) and Free (for leveling up). Consecutive plays of Free Missions are limited.
  • Mission objectives are shown at the start of each stage, where players establish battle formation and turn order.
  • Link Turns allow characters to perform consecutive attacks, though if one of the attacks fails, the player is exposed to consecutive counterattacks. Long Link Turns can also leave the involved characters unable to attack for several turns.
  • Confirmed difficulties are easy, normal, and hard. Difficulty is set before starting the game, and can be changed between missions.
  • Losing any ally, even only one, means game over.
  • There are no mid-mission saves; all saving must be done on the world map.

Natural Doctrine hits the PS3, PS4, and PS Vita in Japan on March 19.

Source: Gematsu

Natural Doctrine Delayed, Details Delivered

A Famitsu preview for Natural Doctrine revealed some new information about the upcoming RPG. Specifically, two characters were detailed: Nebula, a proud, somewhat twisted, but allegedly kind-hearted wizard; and Tatiana, a tomboyish weapons expert who gets along better with orcs than humans.

The various subspecies also got a closer look, explaining their particular quirks: goblins excel at mining and metalwork; lizard people are intelligent and skilled in both weapon and magical combat; orcs are physically strong, through crudely organized in a feudal society; minotaurs are massive and resilient, but are uncivilized and cruel; dragons are ancient monsters, seemingly unsupported by the current ecosystem; gurions are similarly legendary, appearing only to consume everything and evolving based on what they consume.

Pricing was explained in the preview. The PS Vita version weighs in at 5,980 yen, both the PS3 and PS4 versions are priced at 6,980 yen, and the limited edition “Take Out Pack” – which includes both the PS4 and Vita versions – reaches 7,980 yen. However, a separate report from Dengeki later confirmed the title’s release date has been pushed back; Natural Doctrine will launch on March 19, instead of its original February 22 date.

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Natural Doctrine Details: Single and Multiplayer Modes

Dengeki Playstation revealed additional tidbits about Natural Doctrine, Kadokawa Game Studios’ upcoming RPG. The game will feature solo and multiplayer modes, both co-op and versus. Battles are also turn-based, with players able to command several units in a single turn.

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Natural Doctrine Announced for PS3, PS4, PS Vita

Kadokawa Game Studio has announced Natural Doctrine, a fantasy RPG for Playstations 3 and 4, and the PS Vita. The launch trailer advertises you will “assault through the world by natural selection,” and the premise reportedly centers on humans fighting other species – humanoid and otherwise – for survival. Check out said trailer over on the YouTubes.

The title is planned for a February 22, 2012 launch in Japan.

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