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Idea Factory and Nippon Ichi Create New Game Company

As the title says, Idea Factory and Nippon Ichi are co-creating a new game company, Preapp. Their development focus is not yet known, though Haru Akenaga, former president of NIS America, will head the company.

Source: Andriasang

Nippon Ichi Raises Earnings Forecasts, Citing Disgaea’s Vita Sales

Developer Nippon Ichi announced higher than expected earnings forecasts: operating income up to ¥303mil and net income at ¥203mil, up from respective figures of ¥107mil and ¥59mil. The company credited the jump to Disgaea 3: Return selling “higher than expected,” with Disgaea 4 on the PS3 also selling well in North America and Europe.

Source: Andriasang

Nippon Ichi Announces New Games

At a stage event in Akihabara, Nippon Ichi announced a trio of upcoming titles, starting with the Japanese release of Cave Story 3D. An adventure game and dungeon RPG were the other two, with the Disgaea team working on the latter. Little else was revealed, though both games are expected to launch sometime this year.

Source: Andriasang

Nippon Ichi Posts Sales Gains

As long as we’re talking earnings statements, Nippon Ichi announced a 4.4% sales increase, with operating income up from a prior loss of 235 million to a gain of 315 million. Citing strong domestic sales, the company expects a 3.2% increase this fiscal year. As part of the announcement, Nippon Ichi plans to release titles for the 3DS and upcoming NGP.

Source: Andriasang

Nippon Ichi Cancels Unspecified Projects

Nippon Ichi announced today that three games currently in development are being canceled, citing a low likelihood of ensuring quality and turning a profit on the titles.  The news comes in the wake of the company’s first quarter earnings report, revealing a 40% sales drop over last year; the titles are being stopped as part of a restructuring effort to counteract this.  While the company still edged out a narrow 32 million yen profit in the first quarter, time spent on the three games effectively results in a 21 million loss.

The names of the canceled titles were not released, though presumably the next Disgaea, on track to debut at the Tokyo Game Show in September, is not among them.

Source: IGN

Atelier Annie – Staff Review

Part of the joy of writing for an RPG-centric website is that I can draw comparisons to some rather eclectic, obscure, and niche material, knowing that the reader will be able to follow my gist. It’s an amazing power, and one that I try to wield judiciously and in the name of good. However, Atelier Annie makes me wish that, rather than your standard RPG fare, my readers were versed in the equally insular world of German boardgames, particularly resource-management-centric, action-limited strategy titles such as Agricola, Stone Age, and Settlers of Catan. I’d probably have a much easier time of describing the cost/reward analyses, transportation efficiency concerns, and development strategies intrinsic to this Gust-developed JRPG. In lieu of such assumption, though, just take my word for it: Atelier Annie is an awesome, horizon-expanding game. Continue reading ‘Atelier Annie – Staff Review’ »

A Witch’s Tale – Staff Review

Ok. I’ll level with you. I’ve just scrapped my fifth attempt at an opening to this review. I’ve tried food analogies, tomato discussion, references to Halloween (the holiday and the movie), Tim Burton films, Okami, Phantasy Star… So, nuts to that. Settle in, kiddies. It’s story time.

Once upon a time, there was a little DS RPG called A Witch’s Tale. Her parents, Nippon-Ichi and HitMaker, were very famous in their own rights; one was a premier name in RPGs and the other was once a member of the famous Sega family. Though her pedigree shone, she was scorned from birth, partially due to the failings of her elder brother, Dragoneer’s Aria. As the young girl of the family, no one wanted to mention her in the same breath as her half-siblings Disgaea and Crazy Taxi. Realizing that she would have to seek her own fortune, she set out to prove her detractors wrong.

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Phantom Brave – We Meet Again – Staff Review

We Meet Again, Phantom Brave. It’s been a few years, hasn’t it? You sucked up a healthy portion of my time back on the PS2, you slick little TRPG. I had a blast with your free-and-open gridless maps, your extensive and esoteric concepts of what constituted a “weapon,” and your down-again-up-again story. Yes, we had good times. So how’s that intervening half-decade treated you?

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