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PSN Promotion to Feature Exclusives and PS2 Games

Sony has announced a new promotion for the PlayStation Network to run throughout October with the PlayStation Store featuring a number of PSN-exclusive games and releasing new ones each Tuesday. Additionally, the Store will carry a small selection of rare PS2 games: God Hand, Odin Sphere, Ring of Red, GrimGrimoire, and Maximo: Ghosts to Glory.

Source: 1UP

Odin Sphere – Staff Retroview #2

In a period when many developers shy away from trying new things and instead hold to tried and true formulas for RPGs, games that wander off the beaten path are few and far between. Odin Sphere is one of these few. The game suffers from significant slowdown in some areas and a less than original battle system, but it also offers gorgeous graphics and a deep, memorable storyline. It’s a game that’s taken chances, and most of these pay off to create a game that, though not without rough edges, is a breath of fresh air in the genre. Continue reading ‘Odin Sphere – Staff Retroview #2’ »

Disgaea, Odin Sphrere Get Greatest Hits Treatment

Atlus games are notorious for being hard to find about a week after they hit shelves. People pouring over used game bins for Disgaea or Odin Sphere will be pleased to discover these two games will be easier to find soon. Both will be joining the Greatest Hits series and getting the $19.99 price tag and red bar across the top in September.

Source: Kotaku

More Multi-Game Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart

Here is a lot more slightly old media from newish games. Enjoy ^^. Continue reading ‘More Multi-Game Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart’ »

Odin Sphere – Staff Review

Odin Sphere is a game which goes to great lengths to look and feel like a child’s storybook. The game is presented as a series of stories being read by a young girl in her family’s attic, with each book being the story of a different protagonist, the whole tale coming together as their stories intersect. Continue reading ‘Odin Sphere – Staff Review’ »