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PS1 Multi-Generation RPG to Get PSP Remake

Cult PS1 hit Ore no Shikabane o Koete Yuke is getting a PSP remake in Japan, following an unexpected surge in popularity on the PS3’s PlayStation Archives service. The game centers around a family of warriors that fights the demon that cursed them over multiple generations, which in gameplay terms means forging pacts with assorted gods and forming parties by raising subsequent generations of fighters.

The PSP version will be receiving a significant visual upgrade, giving it “an abstract Japanese feel remniscent of Okami.” Additionally, parties will be able to use special skills in tandem, which was impossible the original game. Skills can only be passed down from parent to child, and thus they can be combined across generations to perform especially powerful attacks.

Shikabane is due out this fall in Japan. A US release was not announced.

Source: 1UP