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Mass Media 09/22/10

Roku: Like a Ground type with Limber. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 09/22/10’ »

Mass Media – Aya’s Hair Edition 08/29/10

Mass Media 07/02/10

Final Fantasy XIV is sucking me in. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 07/02/10’ »

3rd Birthday Developers Interview: Overdive into Clothing Health Meters

In an interview with Famitsu, four developers of The 3rd Birthday – Yoshinori Kitase, Hajime Tabata, Motomu Toriyama, and Iasmu Kamikokuryo – broke down a few of the more interesting features of the upcoming PSP action RPG. Creative producer Tetsuya Nomura had a few things to say as well, in a separate interview that was otherwise centered around Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Of particular interest are the following bullet points: Continue reading ‘3rd Birthday Developers Interview: Overdive into Clothing Health Meters’ »

Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday Details

The latest pages of Famitsu have some details regarding the PSP release of Parasite Eve: the 3rd Birthday. Square Enix is always happy to create new genres, and it seems this game will be a 3D gun action game. Project director Hajime Tabata called the game a “true third person shooter” and said it would be different from Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. Continue reading ‘Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday Details’ »

Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday – Screenshots

Source: Dengeki