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NPCast 08 – Anecdotal Questions

Once upon a time, there was a rock radio station that, shall we say, presided over my heart – a role that would only be matched by one John Henry Eden a decade later. The station’s life, and death, had a profound impact on how I view the entertainment industry, and has led to a pair of questions about the things I enjoy. As usual, these aren’t questions I know how to answer, but I think they’re important nonetheless. Join me, won’t you? Continue reading ‘NPCast 08 – Anecdotal Questions’ »

Blurring the Line: Pathologic – Staff Review

It has been rightly said that every book written represents the death of a perfect idea. This principle can easily be applied to video games, and perhaps none embody this like the obscure Russian first-person survival game Pathologic. With a haphazard English localization, a dated engine and very unforgiving gameplay, Pathologic lacks even the cult status to be salvaged from the bargain bin. The tragedy in this is that the game deserves a look by anyone who ever claimed to support the idea of video games as art, for few other games to date have been as bold, uncompromising and mature. Continue reading ‘Blurring the Line: Pathologic – Staff Review’ »