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Persona 3 Movie Set for November Release in Japan

Persona 3: The Movie #1: Spirit of Rebirth has been confirmed for a November 23 release date in Japan. Ticket sales begin on August 10 at select theaters, a list of which can be found at the movie’s website hereabouts.

Source: Gematsu

Persona 3 Movie Planned for Fall Launch in Japan

Atlus has revealed that the Persona 3 movie will hit Japanese theaters this fall. The movie’s official site has been updated to reflect this, and a new trailer is available over on yonder YouTube.

Lord of Vermillion to Feature Persona Cameos

A pending update for Lord of Vermillion Re:2, Square Enix’s arcade card game, will add characters from the Persona series as summon magic. Persona 4‘s Yuu Narukami is the first to be confirmed, but others from P4 and P3 will be included.

Source: Andriasang

Persona 3 FES Now On PSN

On the off chance you haven’t bought one of the many hard copy versions already, Persona 3 FES is one of the latest releases on PSN. Shoot yourself in the head with a magic summoning gun for the low, low price of $9.99. So sayeth the official blog.

Persona 4 Arena Director Discusses Console Versions

In a recent interview, Kazuhisa Wada, Atlus’s director of development for Persona 4 Arena, spoke about bringing the recently-released arcade game to consoles. Continue reading ‘Persona 4 Arena Director Discusses Console Versions’ »

Persona 3 Portable Headed to Europe

Atlus just announced that Persona 3 Portable will be available in Europe later this year.  Through publisher Ghostlight, the PSP update to Persona 3 will come in both boxed Collector’s Editions and as digital downloads.  Exactly what the box would contain beside the disc was not specified.

Source: Eurogamer

FEStival to Begin in Europe This Fall

When it was announced that Persona 3 was getting an expansion in the form of Persona 3 FES, most believed it would never see the light of day in North America, and were surprised and delighted when it did. Now European gamers will get to join in the festivities as KOEI has announced that it will be bringing the game to over this October. Continue reading ‘FEStival to Begin in Europe This Fall’ »

Anime Expo 2008 Atlus Panel

Part 1 of 7:

We were able to attend Atlus’s Shin Megami Tensei panel at the Anime Expo, and they were kind enough to let us record it. Special thanks to my friend Tim who helped me out with the camera.
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More Multi-Game Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart

Here is a lot more slightly old media from newish games. Enjoy ^^. Continue reading ‘More Multi-Game Screenshots, Artwork, Boxart’ »

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 – Staff Review #2

When the world is in peril, unlikely heroes will sometimes come forth in order to combat the threats that have emerged. Typically, these heroes venture far from their homes, leaving behind their ordinary lives when they take on the persona of a hero. This is not the case in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. Having recently transferred into Gekkoukan High School from some distant region, you, the hero, will need to do your best in order to balance saving the world with academics, social lives, and other day-to-day activities. Continue reading ‘Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 – Staff Review #2’ »

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 – Staff Review

The staff would like to apologize for the extreme tardiness of this review. Due to recent disputes over the ownership of certain reviews, we felt it necessary to afford ourselves a certain amount of protection under the law. Having reviewed the matter, we are confident in our ownership of the reviews in question. Unfortunately, this process took rather longer than we had anticipated. Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to bringing our readers the best in reviews of games both past and present.
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Persona 3 Staff Review Issues

You’re probably wondering what happened to the Persona 3 review. Well, here’s the deal.
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