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Persona 3DS Spinoff Announced

Not content with Vita shenanigans, Atlus revealed that a 3DS Persona title is in the works. Specifically, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will feature characters from both Persona 3 and 4, who become trapped at Yasogami High School when a strange clock tower appears in the yard. Players can choose to control either the S.E.E.S. or the Investigation Team, with dialogue and events changing accordingly.

Persona Q is set for a June 5, 2014 release in Japan.

Source: Gematsu

Persona 4 Arena 2 Scheduled for Summer Release in Japan

The amusingly-titled Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold – better known as Persona 4 Arena 2 – will reportedly launch in the summer of 2014 for Japan.

Source: Gematsu

Atlus Announces Persona 4 Arena Sequel

Persona 4 Arena will be getting a direct sequel, Atlus announced recently. So titled Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold, the game will add Yukari and Junpei from Persona 3 as fighters, and will hit Japanese arcades sometime in Winter. PS3 and 360 versions are also planned, though no dates have been given and no global release has yet been confirmed.

Source: Gematsu

Sequel Announced for Persona 4: Arena

Developer Arc System Works has revealed that a sequel for Persona 4: Arena is in development. Little is known at this time, though a playtest held at select locations in Japan revealed Yukari Takeba and Junpei Iori as playable characters.

Source: Gematsu

Persona 3 Movie Set for November Release in Japan

Persona 3: The Movie #1: Spirit of Rebirth has been confirmed for a November 23 release date in Japan. Ticket sales begin on August 10 at select theaters, a list of which can be found at the movie’s website hereabouts.

Source: Gematsu

Persona 3 Movie Planned for Fall Launch in Japan

Atlus has revealed that the Persona 3 movie will hit Japanese theaters this fall. The movie’s official site has been updated to reflect this, and a new trailer is available over on yonder YouTube.

Persona 4 Arena Given May Launch for Europe

After a weirdly long period of silence, Atlus has at last announced a European release date for Persona 4 Arena: May 10. Preorders will gain access to Limited Edition content, which includes the official arranged soundtrack with exclusive artwork and the Digital Fan Pack.

Source: Eurogamer

European Release Bonanza: P4 Golden, Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

I suppose “bonanza” is a bit strong for “these two games are coming out in Europe,” but what the heck. Persona 4: Golden, AKA probably the best reason to own a Vita right now, will hit European markets starting February 22. Completely unrelated game Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory will spread its console moepocalypse on March 15.

Source: Gematsu

Persona 4 Arena Delayed in Europe to Next Year

Over on Persona Europe’s Facebook page, it was announced that Persona 4 Arena will not see a 2012 release. An FAQ from the publisher explained that “For all EU games, there are a number of changes that need to be done to bring it in line with the regulations laid out by Sony and Microsoft in Europe. These regulations are to ensure the game will work correctly in each individual PAL territory, from individual EU countries to Australia and UK.” This, unfortunately, appears to be the delaying point.

While fans reacted angrily, citing the unpopular decision to region-lock the game, the FAQ did suggest a possible bonus as compensation for the delay. “We understand everyone’s frustration surrounding this,” it reads, “so we are preparing something – and we’ll announce that once the new schedule for release is in place.”

Check out the full FAQ and resulting rage here.

Persona 4: Golden Given Release Date

Vita redux Persona 4: Golden has been given a tentative release date of February 20 in North America, with the European release following on the 22nd; The publisher has noted that this date could be changed if necessary.

Source: Eurogamer

Persona 4 Arena Patched

Atlus has released the latest patch for Persona 4 Arena, addressing various game balance and technical issues on both 360 and PS3. Among the items fixed is the “Serious Gamer” achievement – earned by reaching level 30 in online matches – which had been inaccessible for some players.

Source: Joystiq

Persona 4: Golden Set for November 20 Release

Atlus has announced the North American release date for Persona 4: Golden. The PSVita redux is set to launch stateside on November 20.

Source: Joystiq

Persona 4 Golden Gets Even Golden…Er

Via press release, Atlus has announced a special edition of Persona 4: Golden will see a limited run of only 10,000 copies. Ringing in at $69.99 US, the Solid Gold Premium Edition includes a golden Hori pouch, protective skin, stickers, and a face cover.

Persona 4: Golden will launch in North America this fall.

Lord of Vermillion to Feature Persona Cameos

A pending update for Lord of Vermillion Re:2, Square Enix’s arcade card game, will add characters from the Persona series as summon magic. Persona 4‘s Yuu Narukami is the first to be confirmed, but others from P4 and P3 will be included.

Source: Andriasang

Mass Media 08/11/12

I appreciate Persona 4: Arena including a lot of fourth wall jokes regarding Mitsuru and Akihiko’s outfits. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 08/11/12’ »

Persona 4: Arena Nearly Sells Out; Next Persona Game in Development

Persona 4: Arena hit the ground running with its console release. The Atlus/Arc System Works collaboration sold some 138,000 copies in its first week in Japan, roughly 90% of stock. This trumps the previous record set by a fighting game, 103,000 for Tekken 6 in 2009.

Of further interest for the series: Famitsu leaked an interview with Team Persona producer Katsura Hashino, stating that the next numbered Persona game is in development. While this likely means Persona 5, it was not explicitly stated thus, and a remake of a past game is not out of the question.

Sources: Andriasang, Joystiq

What Happened This Week – Everybody Misses the Nineties

Yaaay, we’re back!  And hopefully we’ll stay on time going forward, or at least we won’t lose power right when I’m about to start writing.  Anyway, news time!

  • Sony acquires streaming game service Gaikai for a cool $380 million.  Speculation abounds as to how doomed modern consoles are (not very, for the moment).
  • Vivendi plans to sell off its stake in Activision-Blizzard.  Possibly a restructuring effort, or maybe they just see Call of Duty being the next Guitar Hero, with all that would imply.
  • Zynga reveals “Zynga With Friends,” and exciting new games ending with -Ville that are totally not the same idea over and over.  One’s even an “epic slot machine adventure” for extra irony.
  • Yoichi Wada asserts Final Fantasy VII isn’t getting remade until they make a game that surpasses it.  My take: better get a DeLorean, ’cause we’ll need the nineties again.
  • Atlus announces and defends its decision to region-lock Persona 4 Arena.  So that’s why the official forums melted down the other day.
  • The EU rules that resale of digital games is legal, Pokemon Black and White 2 makes all of the money, Facebook suffers a sizable email fiasco, and more!

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Persona 4 Arena to be Region Locked on PS3

Among the stranger things I’ve learned today is that Persona 4 Arena will be region locked: Japanese copies won’t work on North American PS3s, and vice versa. An Atlus employee confirmed the news on the official forums, though there was no explanation available at this time. This is somewhat a moot point as Arena is being released internationally anyway, though it will be the first PS3 game ever to be region-locked. Puzzling, to say the least.

Source: Joystiq

Mass Media 06/25/12

Never watch Stephen King’s The Mist before bed. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 06/25/12’ »

What Happened This Week – Tablet Plus Keyboard Equals Innovation

Or so we’re supposed to think, I guess. Hey, everybody! We’re on time this week! Let’s not dawdle, here’s what’s going on:

  • Microsoft unveils the Surface, a powerful new tablet with a keyboard cover that may cost $800-$1000 we’ll discuss price later
  • Nintendo shows off a new, bigger 3DS with a longer battery life, possibly at the expense of the whole ‘portable’ thing.
  • Persona 4: The Golden gives Vita sales a shot in the arm.  Good game Sony, now you just need, oh, another couple dozen of those.
  • A week after EA’s Origin pointman says they won’t be offering “going out of business” deep discounts, Origin offers deep discounts.  EA GOING OUT OF BUSINESS FULL STORY AT 11
  • Squenix might bring Final Fantasy VII to Steam, if only they could get it to work.  Meanwhile, Final Fantasy XI continues to print money.
  • Sega launches a browser-based card game for Valkyria Chronicles, to be depicted in the TBS miniseries, “How to Ruin Everything Beautiful in This World.”
  • Blizzard suspends digital Diablo III sales briefly to combat goldfarmers, another Capcom fighting game veteran leaves for greener pastures, and more!

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