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Phantom Brave PSP Touches Down in North America

In a press release today, NIS America announced that Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle is now available for North American PSPs via download and retail. The European release, which is PSN only, will follow on March 16. Content previously added for the Wii version, We Meet Again, is also included in The Hermuda Triangle.

Phantom Brave PSP Announced for US, European Release

The PSP version of Phantom Brave, subtitled as The Hermuda Triangle, has been give a launch timeframe in the United States and Europe.  In a recent press release, NIS America confirmed that US retail and download copies would be available in March, with the European release, also in March, exclusive to PlayStation Network.  As previously stated, The Hermuda Triangle will include all the content from the Wii adaptation, plus new bonuses added for the jump to PSP.

PSP Phantom Brave Port Details Revealed

Nippon Ichi unveiled several screenshots of the upcoming PSP port of Phantom Brave, alongside plenty of juicy tidbits about what to expect from the added content.  Apart from features added in the jump from the PS2 to the Wii, the PSP version will include an additional scenario not present in earlier versions of the game.  The new scenario, accessible after clearing the game, features Marona and Ash chasing down the heroes they recruited to help save the world and telling them they’re no longer needed.  This segment will include five heroes from other Nippon Ichi games, including Unlosing Ranger from ZHP and Prinny from Disgaea.

Phantom Brave PSP is due for an October 28 release at retailers and as a direct download.  No word has been given about a US release.

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