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Phantom Brave – We Meet Again – Staff Review

We Meet Again, Phantom Brave. It’s been a few years, hasn’t it? You sucked up a healthy portion of my time back on the PS2, you slick little TRPG. I had a blast with your free-and-open gridless maps, your extensive and esoteric concepts of what constituted a “weapon,” and your down-again-up-again story. Yes, we had good times. So how’s that intervening half-decade treated you?

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Phantom Brave, Players Will Meet Again Three Days Later Than Planned

NISA has announced that the release of Phantom Brave: We Meet Again has been slightly delayed. The game will be out on August 14.

Phantom Brave Wii Release Date Announced

Courtesy of a NIS America press release, a launch date of August 11 has been announced for Phantom Brave: We Meet Again. Apart from four new story chapters and a new character, the Nintendo Wii adaptation of Phantom Brave will be packaged with a digital art disc, containing a variety of artwork files, character illustrations, and so on. Experienced Phantom Brave players can jump straight into the new chapters if they wish.