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Pokemon Battle Revolution – Staff Review #2

Over the years, Pokemon has made constant changes to its basic combat system, eventually resulting in a system that is wonderfully balanced and provides a wealth of customization options to advanced players without making things too terribly complicated for beginners. Where Pokemon Battle Revolution goes horribly awry is where it decides to completely shuck all of the secondary aspects of the Pokemon series, such as the plot, the capture-and-train theme, and the sense of growth as a Trainer, in favor of a laser-sharp focus on the combat system. The game becomes dull quickly mainly due to the fact that without anything to support the combat or provide it with any sort of context, it’s just a series of challenges without purpose or direction. To put it simply, Pokemon Battle Revolution is a stripped-down title whose only real saving grace is the inclusion of a handful of systems which really should have been included in the DS titles in the first place. Continue reading ‘Pokemon Battle Revolution – Staff Review #2’ »

Pokémon Battle Revolution – Staff Review

Though the main series of Pokémon games has been released for various portable Nintendo systems, titles such as Pokémon Stadium allow players Continue reading ‘Pokémon Battle Revolution – Staff Review’ »