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Pokemon Bank Launch Day Announced

Nintendo announced it will launch the Pokemon Bank, a downloadable service for Pokemon X/Y, on the 3DS eShop starting December 27. The application helps players to manage their Pokemon inventories, storing up to 3000 of the critters and facilitating trades between players; players can also transfer Pokemon from the Black/White series using the Poke Transporter, a feature linked to the Bank.

The service will carry a $4.99 fee per year. Users who download the app by January 31 will get a free 30-day trial.

Source: Gematsu

What Happened This Week – Everybody Misses the Nineties

Yaaay, we’re back!  And hopefully we’ll stay on time going forward, or at least we won’t lose power right when I’m about to start writing.  Anyway, news time!

  • Sony acquires streaming game service Gaikai for a cool $380 million.  Speculation abounds as to how doomed modern consoles are (not very, for the moment).
  • Vivendi plans to sell off its stake in Activision-Blizzard.  Possibly a restructuring effort, or maybe they just see Call of Duty being the next Guitar Hero, with all that would imply.
  • Zynga reveals “Zynga With Friends,” and exciting new games ending with -Ville that are totally not the same idea over and over.  One’s even an “epic slot machine adventure” for extra irony.
  • Yoichi Wada asserts Final Fantasy VII isn’t getting remade until they make a game that surpasses it.  My take: better get a DeLorean, ’cause we’ll need the nineties again.
  • Atlus announces and defends its decision to region-lock Persona 4 Arena.  So that’s why the official forums melted down the other day.
  • The EU rules that resale of digital games is legal, Pokemon Black and White 2 makes all of the money, Facebook suffers a sizable email fiasco, and more!

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Pokemon Black and White 2 Dated for North America

With the official site up and running, Pokemon Black and White 2 has been confirmed for an October 7 release in North America.

Pokemon Black and White 2 Sells a Lot of Copies

Not to be outdone, Pokemon Black and White 2 launched today in Japan, selling a scale-breaking 1,618,621 copies in its opening week; which, since it opened on Saturday, is only two days. As a point of reference, the original Black and White sold about 2.6 million in its first week.

Source: Andriasang

Mass Media 05/26/12

SlayerGhaleon: Hey Joe, never link the same media screens twice again.
SlayerGhaleon: You green, spiky, son of a bitch.
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More Pokemon Black/White 2 Stuff

A recent batch of screenshots has unveiled a few more Pokemon Black/White 2 details. A World Tournament arena lets you stage fights using single battle, double battle, and other rules, and you’ll have access to historical trainers through this mode. The game also supports Nintendo’s wi-fi connection service, which unlocks unique downloadable trainers. And lastly the game features a movie-making mode, aptly titled “Pokewood,” though the extent of its options is not yet known.

Source: Andriasang

Mass Media 05/12/12

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Mass Media 04/28/12

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Nintendo Announces Pokemon Black & White 2 Support Apps

With Pokemon Black and White 2 poised to earn Nintendo another gold-plated yacht filled with money, the company has revealed that support apps for the game are also in development. First is the Pokemon AR Searcher, an Augmented Reality shooting game that lets you take pictures, capture Pokemon from said pictures, and import them to Black and White 2. Searcher hits the e-Shop alongside the core game on June 23, priced at ¥300. Second is an updated Pokemon management program, titled Pokemon Zenkoku Zukan Pro, which will be released on July 14 for ¥1,500.

Source: Andriasang

Pokemon Black/White 2 Details, Release Date Confirmed

Via Coro Coro Comics, we have some additional details about Pokemon Black and White 2. Four additions to the cast were listed: a childhood friend currently dubbed Rival; a mysterious Pokemon researcher named Akuroma; and two additional gym leaders, Homika and Shizui. A June 23 release date was also confirmed, with both versions of the game to be priced at ¥4,800.

Source: Andriasang

What Happened This Week – Should’ve Kept the Base

You know it’s true.

Sorry for the delay, folks! Man, ME3 and Super Tuesday tomorrow! The political junkie and the Mass Effect fanboy are having a fistfight for dominance in my brain stem. Gonna be busyyyyyy~

Anyway, to the news:

  • Mass Effect 3 comes out tomorrow, or, if pirates are to be believed, today.  Guess somebody got ahold of one of those low-orbit packages.  And speaking of which…
  • …one of them got stuck in a tree north of San Francisco, boldly resisting an intrepid IGN team’s attempt to dislodge it.  Well, at least bears weren’t involved.
  • UK retailer GAME is in a bit of financial trouble, revealing they will be unable to stock Mass Effect 3 or Mario Party 9.  Hey, guys?  I know your parents probably told you honesty is the best policy and all, but, uh, you may have wanted to make something up this one time.
  • The rumor mill is abuzz that Valve may be developing a Steam-centric PC-slash-console with baseline stats for modern games.  Hey Valve, Derek and I got this great idea for a mascot.  You ready for this?  He’s a scientist, see, and he’s fighting an alien invasion…
  • Facebook gaming takes a sharp downturn from 2011, with the company having to work harder to draw in new users.
  • By contrast, Zynga unveils their own content delivery platform to stand apart from Facebook, forgetting how they got so many people playing their games in the first place.
  • Pokemon Black & White Version 2 makes like Daft Punk and goes around the world, Kinect gets a tinfoil hat accessory, and more!

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Pokemon Black and White Version 2 Confirmed for NA, EU

In a clear move to make previous headlines look silly, Nintendo has confirmed that Pokemon Black and White Version 2 will see a worldwide release in fall of this year. Previously assumed to be a straight sequel, the addition of “version” to the title suggests it may simply be the original game with new additions. However, it is not known which is the case.

As previously mentioned, both games will be out in June for Japan.

Source: 1UP

Pokemon Black and White 2 Hitting DS in June

Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda has announced that Pokemon Black and White 2 are in development. While the series has avoided traditional numbered sequels up to now, Black and White 2 are indeed direct sequels to 2010/2011’s Pokemon Black and White. Both titles are set for a simultaneous Japanese release on DS this June.

No worldwide release has been confirmed at this time.

Source: Andriasang