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EBGames Giving Out Free Pokémon

It wasn’t long ago that Toys ‘R’ Us was giving out free Darkrai. Now yet another rare critter will be offered for free to customers of EBGames and Gamestop. Anyone going to the brick and mortar versions of those stores with a DS and a copy of Pokémon Diamond/Pearl during the last two weekends of June will be able to download Deoxys. The ability to gloat to all your friends about your crack team of rare Pokémon is also included but not necessarily recommended.

Source: Kotaku

My Pokemons, Let Me Show You Them On My Virtual Ranch

Have you ever wanted to have a virtual ranch where your Miis and Pokémon could interact? Do you have 1000 Wii Points? If this describes you, then Nintendo has just what you’ve been needing. My Pokémon Ranch will let you link your DS to transfer up to 1000 of the little critters to your ranch and play with them. Not only that, but you can take pictures to share with all your friends, too.

Source: IGN

New Yorkers Get More Shots To Catch Darkrai

If you weren’t as cool as our very own Michael Beckett and missed out on the Darkrai event at Toys ‘R’ Us, you aren’t actually completely out of luck. The little critter will be available all month at the Nintendo World Store. If you don’t live in New York City, well… There are still way too many of the things to catch anyway. You didn’t need one more.

Source: Kotaku