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What Happened This Week – Don’t Break the PopCap

We return! Yes, it’s time for another episode of everyone’s favorite news broadcast, with “everyone” defined as “everyone involved in its production.” Well, some of us like it. Pretty quiet this week, I think everybody’s just playing catch-up since the flow of new releases is now something approaching a manageable rate. Anyway, here’s what’s going on:

  • Electronic Arts formally purchases PopCap Games and sets hefty profit expectations.  Cue Godfather quotes in three… two…
  • Meanwhile, Zynga also attempted to buy PopCap for a cool billion-with-a-b in cash.  When asked where it came from, Zynga coughed and nervously changed the subject.
  • Text referencing the 360 is found in Windows 8 code, fueling speculation of how the OS relates to the console.  A bigger question is whether Microsoft has anything real to warrant the upgrade.
  • Sony gives an interview about the PSN fiasco, proving once and for all that history was made to be forgotten.  “Great learning experience,” indeed.
  • Speaking of interviews, 2K Games sends out a man to make a hideously bad music analogy in a bizarre attempt to defend X-Com‘s FPS reboot.  Ray Charles and Kanye West?  Seriously?
  • A Seattle videogame consultant gets banned from the internet by Comcast, someone is preparing to make a Space Invaders movie, and I wake up surrounded by concerned paramedics.  And it’s all this video’s fault!

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What Happened This Week – Money Hats For Everyone

A good evening to all of you! My apologies for the lateness of this update, suffice it to say it’s been a busy week on this end. Still, there’s just enough time for a news rundown, so let’s get at it. Tonight, we talk about the following:

  • PopCap is looking for a billion-dollar acquisition, and EA looks to be the buyer.  Why fight Zynga when you can pay others to do it?
  • Streaming game service Gaikai teams up with WalMart to let you play game demos online through your browser.  Bandwidth-capping ISPs are going to love this.
  • An internal newsletter reveals Eve Online developers debating the merits of microtransactions.  The internet’s response: casual and relaxed.  So very, very relaxed.
  • Rumors are a-circulatin’ that Xenoblade Chronicles might not make to America.  Europe is stunned by the possibility of being the lucky ones this time.
  • Namco-Bandai admits that Microsoft paid them $Texas to keep Tales of Vesperia on the 360 in the west.  Hmm… you think that’d get Valkyria Chronicles 3 over here?
  • Microsoft also plans to use Kinect for interactive advertising on TV and in games.  Oh goody, more of the opposite of what I wanted!

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What Happened This Week – The Future Makes People Stupid

Nothing like a dark and stormy night after a nice, warm Sunday.  Welcome back, people!  Hope you’re not too busy with last week’s offerings, because it’s time to recap the news, with a musical interlude reproduced by yours truly that originates from Get Your War On. In today’s episode:

  • PopCap Games plans to go public, with Zynga, Facebook, etc. to follow.  Gee, you think this bubble will protect us from all those pins lying around up ahead?
  • China makes its own backed-by-the-army shooter, much like America’s Army but with US troops as enemies.  Also with blackjack and hookers.  In fact, forget the shooter.
  • Sony’s ongoing hacking woes, compounded by Howard Stringer ripping stuff from the movie Sneakers.  Someone get that man a Netflix account!
  • Microsoft 360 update risks bricking consoles, after initial confusion as to which update it is.   It’s okay, the people behind Windows know what they’re… oh god.  Oh god.
  • Sony announces plan to convert some PSP titles to the PS3.  See, now we’re getting somewhere.  Also, Jesus loves Valkyria Chronicles and so should you.
  • Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear Solid art director Yoji Shinkawa have a dinner meeting.  With Tetsuya Nomura and Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada.  So… yeah.
  • Bad developer lists, used market scapegoating, Fox News being silly, and so much more!

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