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Mass Media 10/19/09

Mass media updates don’t take no holidays. Granted, there are no holidays this week, but the point stands. In today’s post: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, and Princess Antiphona’s Hymn: Angle’s Score Op.A. Observe! Continue reading ‘Mass Media 10/19/09’ »

Mass Media 10/18/09

Mass Media 10/02/09

Alethea: ….bahahahaha
Alethea: 5 billion disgaea screenshots
Alethea: wolf hates you
Alethea: seriously, that’s SlayerGhaleon’s personal hell right there
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Mass Media 08/22/09

If you’re reading this, please help me. WolfRaven has me locked up in her basement and is forcing me to do lots of media updates.

Oh no, here she comes.

Hi, WR! No, I’m not doing anything suspicious! Just updating media like you told me to! *Laughs nervously* Continue reading ‘Mass Media 08/22/09’ »

Mass Media 08/02/09

Y’know, I’m not much of a Japanophile. Not really. I’d like to visit the place, trying to learn to speak the language, maybe watch an anime or two – they keep breaking my heart, but I keep giving them chances, it’s like some sick relationship that just won’t die. But I can say with a straight face that Vocaloid is one of the best things they’ve ever made.

Seriously, Miku can de-angst the most hardened man in time. Oh, you might balk at it initially, but she finds a way in. She finds a way.

But enough about me, let’s talk media. In today’s update: Disgaea 3 DLC, Summon Night: Tear’s Crown, Ys Seven, Princess Antiphona’s Hymn: Angel’s Score Op.A, and Blood of Bahamut. Observe: Continue reading ‘Mass Media 08/02/09’ »

Mass Media 07/18/09 – Part 2

This update brought to you in part by the Imperial Watch. They may not see you break into that guy’s house, kill his family, and steal all his worldly possessions, but if you accidentally grab food on the counter that’s not yours instead of talking to the shopkeeper like you intended to… well, the Nine help you, friend. In this update: Legend of Hero: Narisokonai, Princess Antiphona’s Hymn: Angel’s Score Op.A, and Final Fantasy Gaiden. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 07/18/09 – Part 2’ »

Nippon Ichi Musical RPG Bound for PSP

Hardly a company to take just one stab at a subgenre, Nippon Ichi is giving music-themed RPGs another go with Princess Antiphona’s Hymn: Angel’s Score Op.A. Slated for an October release in Japan, the upcoming PSP game bears some similarities with N1’s prior music RPG Rhapsody, focusing on musical events and puppets. Princess Antiphona features full voice acting and a score from composer Tenpei Saito, of the Marl Kingdom series.

Source: Siliconera