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Mass Media 06/16/13

Namco Bandai Launch Announcements: Project X Zone, Tales of Xillia

Namco Bandai RPG mashup Project X Zone will see a North American release on June 25, with the European release to follow on July 5. The price is set at $39.99 for the limited edition, which includes a mini artboot and a music CD.

Separately, the company also confirmed that Tales of Xillia will launch worldwide in August: 8/6 for North America, 8/9 for Europe. North America will also get a collector’s edition, featuring a limited edition Milla Maxwell figure, a 100-page artbook, and a special music CD; all that runs $99.99. Europe, meanwhile, gets two special bundles: the “D1 Edition” includes the game, artbook, and music CD for standard price, while the “Milla Maxwell Collector’s Edition” includes all the content of the US CE, priced at £79.99.

Source: Gematsu

Project X Zone Confirmed for Global Release

Speaking of release dates, Namco Bandai also confirmed that 3DS crossover RPG Project X Zone will launch in North America starting June 25. A European release was also confirmed, though a specific date was not set at this time.

Source: Gematsu

Project X-Zone Enemies Confirmed

Alongside Project X-Zone‘s newly-created enemies, the crossover SRPG will be adding a few more familiar faces to oppose you, namely the following:

  • Lord Raptor (Darkstalkers)
  • Selvaria Bles (Valkyria Chronicles)
  • Vava (Mega Man X)
  • Ciseaux and Prelude (Sakura Wars)

Source: Andriasang

Project X Zone Official Trailer Coming Soon

Care of the game’s official blog: Project X Zone will get its first official trailer on July 2 – that’s tomorrow – at 11:00pm (Japan Time, of course). During this time, the game’s website will also be updated with character content and commentary from the voice staff.

Source: Andriasang

Mass Media 05/26/12

SlayerGhaleon: Hey Joe, never link the same media screens twice again.
SlayerGhaleon: You green, spiky, son of a bitch.
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More Project X Zone Details Emerge

In a Famitsu interview, Namco Bandai’s Kensuke Tsukanaka, producer of Project X Zone, spoke about the unusual collaboration between his company, Capcom, and Sega. Reportedly, Namco Bandai got the ball rolling by approaching Capcom first, with Sega joining the discussion later. Characters have their signature moves and will often fight in teams – Ryu and Ken, Jill and Chris, etc. – though there are exceptions. The character list is not yet finalized, and confirmed characters include the following: Continue reading ‘More Project X Zone Details Emerge’ »

What Happened This Week – And I’ll Keep Lying, I Promise

Ah, 16-bit-era Shadowrun. Come for the cyberpunk revenge plots and foxgirls, stay for the considerable XP/money grind so you can break the game in half. Good times, both SNES and Genesis. Anyway, on to the news:

  • Sony’s financial woes catch up to them, doubling their loss forecast and forcing 10,000 layoffs.  “Holy s***, now what?” indeed, Mr. Hirai.
  • Jack Tramiel, Commodore International founder and the man behind the C64, died at 83.  Yet another legend in the tech field that I knew almost nothing about.
  • Peter Molyneux speaks out about leaving Microsoft for his indie venture.  Will it change the world, or will it OH JUST REMAKE SYNDICATE ALREADY GODDAMNIT
  • The Better Business Bureau weighs in on the Mass Effect 3 ending furor, which is my personal “this has gone way too far” threshold.
  • Meanwhile, Victor Ireland rather gloriously misreads Steam’s effect on RPG sales, while his own Clash of Heroes 2 Kickstarter falls well short of its goal.  Time to serve the Newell?  I’d say so.
  • Wired’s Chris Kohler takes a scalpel to the argument that used games are hurting the industry.  The conclusion: the industry is hurting the industry.
  • Project X Zone‘s creators are among the least likely to localize anything, Wasteland 2‘s Kickstarter coasts to a comfortable finish, and more!

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Crossover SRPG Announced Between Namco, Capcom, and Sega

Via Famitsu, we have news that a crossover 3DS project is in the works between Namco, Capcom, and Sega. Dubbed Project X Zone, the crossover SRPG will feature characters from various series, ranging from Street Fighter and Resident Evil more esoteric ones, such as Space Channel 5 and Shining Force EXA.

The title will launch in Japan sometime this year. No word exists on a worldwide release.

Source: Joystiq