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Current Quests – Week of 8/03/08

It’s Sunday again, so it’s time for another round of our Current Quests. Continue reading ‘Current Quests – Week of 8/03/08’ »

Current Quests – Week of 7/29/08

Is it just me, or is everything breaking down? A month or so ago, my laptop’s AC adaptor decided to die in spectacular fashion, along with my DS Lite. And now Karlinn has suffered a similar fate, as his computer appears to have vomited all over his lap. My personal feelings on the matter? Technology hates us. But enough of that, here’s what those of us who have yet to be destroyed by our mechanical overlords have been up to this week. Continue reading ‘Current Quests – Week of 7/29/08’ »

Current Quests – Week of 07/20/08

So that was E3 for this year. Not quite as busy on the RPG front as I’d expected, but then since I’m a newsie, I should probably just be thankful. And while E3 kept our staff bustling this week there was certainly no shortage of gaming going on.

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Current Quests – Week of 07/13/08

We’re geared up for E3 this week, but that hasn’t stopped some of us from wiling away the hours with happy fun videogames. Continue reading ‘Current Quests – Week of 07/13/08’ »

Current Quests – Week of 7/6/08

Any members of the viewing audience been following this season of Doctor Who? I’ve been watching episodes as they air in Britain in order to avoid the Sci Fi Channel and their horrible, horrible edits. The BBC showed the season finale last night, and good mother of God. I expected (spoiler removed), but (spoiler here, too)? And (spoiler), (spoiler), AND (spoiler)? It was absolutely (not a spoiler, just obscene). Anyway, on to this week’s Quests!

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Current Quests – Week of 06/29/08

Greetings, people. No time for small talk this week, I’m just here to get in, whack the guy whom I set up with a fake date through the internet because he refused to pay Brucie his money who in turn proposed to me this ridiculously circuitous plan for revenge, and get out. Now, let’s get down to brass tacks. Continue reading ‘Current Quests – Week of 06/29/08’ »

Current Quests – Week of 06/22/08

It’s that time of the week again! It’s also summer, so it’s time for us to work a bit harder to help keep you all entertained over your vacations. Unfortunately, somebody seems to have replaced half of our staff with cardboard boxes… Continue reading ‘Current Quests – Week of 06/22/08’ »

Current Quests – Week of 6/15/08

In a world where the world’s military has come under the control of a madmanOne man. Will make a difference. This week. In Current Quests.
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Current Quests – Week of 06/08/08

Hello, good chums and chumettes.  Another week has come and gone, and once again we try to forstall the inevitable return to work with an edition of Current Quests.  So what are we all up to this week?  Let me break it down for you.

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Current Quests – Week of 6/01/08

It’s Sunday, so that means it’s time once again for another batch of Quests. Continue reading ‘Current Quests – Week of 6/01/08’ »

Current Quests – Week of 5/25/08

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to draw your attention to the center ring, wherein may be found the amazing antics of Horton, the dancing elephant! Well, technically not an elephant. Well, not really a dance, per se. Tell you what… We’ll do this week’s Current Quests, while you watch the parakeet with the hip injury. Continue reading ‘Current Quests – Week of 5/25/08’ »

Current Quests – Week of 05/18/08

Tidings, folks. We’re back with another installment of “That Thing We Do Every Sunday”. Prepare to be astounded and amazed as no less than five – count ’em, five! – staffers have fallen under the insidious snare of Persona 3: FES. Not me, however… not yet, although I confess it did look tempting as I passed by at the store. More on that later.

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Current Quests – Week of 5/11/08

Breaking news: The number of female staffers at Random NPC has doubled! Yes, doubled! Which brings the number to a grand total of… drum roll please… two! As per tradition, I, the newest addition, will be bringing you this week’s Current Quests, wherein the staff continues to have a morbid interest in games about death and/or the end of the world. Good times!

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Current Quests – Week of 5/04/08

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to another edition of Current Quests, the weekly column that investigates the deep, philosophical question of, “So what’re you doing?” This week, a good whack of the staff (myself included) have been devoured by Persona 3 FES, and are currently attempting to wrest their way back out of Tartarus. With the aid of an adorable mechanical girl and a dog with a knife clenched firmly in its jaw, we present to you the spoils of our efforts. Continue reading ‘Current Quests – Week of 5/04/08’ »

Current Quests – Week of 04/27/08

Hello again everybody ^^. I suppose that it should be fairly obvious what most of us have been working on this week from the looks of the site, but we’ve managed to get in some gaming on the side as well. Continue reading ‘Current Quests – Week of 04/27/08’ »

Current Quests – Week of 04/20/08

Hi, everybody!  Just a quick lil’ update since I’m kind of buzzed after returning from a friend’s wedding and I’m sort of getting to this at the last minute, but that’s okay.  Everybody gather ’round and let’s take a look at what our beloved staffers are up to this week! Continue reading ‘Current Quests – Week of 04/20/08’ »

Current Quests – Week of 4/13/08

I find myself in quite a jaunty mood today. After watching the Penguins kick around the Senators in both their playoff games thus far, as well as reading this hilarious article on why the Pirates will continue to suck this year, I am primed to tackle our weekly article here. Onward! 

Continue reading ‘Current Quests – Week of 4/13/08’ »

Current Quests – Week of 04/06/08

Another week has passed, so that means that once again, it is time to get to this week’s Quests. Continue reading ‘Current Quests – Week of 04/06/08’ »

Current Quests – Week of 03/30/08

I have to say, the last couple weeks have brought some interesting announcements to the world of role-playing games. Persona 4? A completely new IP from Square Enix? A new Valkyrie Profile game? And here I thought Christmas was in December. At any rate, it’s Sunday, which means it’s time for Current Quests! Continue reading ‘Current Quests – Week of 03/30/08’ »

Quests Bonus – Super Smash Bros. Brawl Mini-Tournament