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Radiant Historia Released Today

By way of press release, Atlus issued a friendly reminder to all would-be time travelers that Radiant Historia was released today at select US retailers. As previously mentioned, all launch copies of the game come with a bonus music CD of piano selections from the game’s score.

Radiant Historia: Rewrite History in February

Via press release, Atlus announced today that Radiant Historia, their upcoming time travel-centric DS RPG, will see a North American release.  Historia will be available at select retailers starting February 22, 2011, and all launch copies will include a bonus CD featuring unique piano arrangements from the game’s score.

Mass Media 09/08/10

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Not So Mass Media 08/10/10

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Mass Media 08/01/10

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Radiant Historia Coming Soon to Japan, Announces Atlus

Atlus is creating a brand new traditional RPG for the Nintendo DS, according to this week’s Famitsu.  Dubbed Radiant Historia, the game is due out November 4 in Japan, pricing at 6279 yen (or $71.97, so sayeth the wise currency converter.) Continue reading ‘Radiant Historia Coming Soon to Japan, Announces Atlus’ »