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Tales of Eternia – Staff Retroview

The Tales series has a long and venerable history of avoiding North America, much to the consternation of its fans. In fact, pretty much all of the regions outside of Japan tend to get left out of most things the series offers beyond the flagship titles. And so Tales of Eternia for the PSP is a bit of an odd bird. Despite the fact that we’ve seen the game on this side of the pond before on the PSOne, Namco saw fit to release this PSP port in Europe and Asia, but not North America. Thankfully, the PSP’s lack of regional lockouts means that denizens of the Western Hemisphere have access to the game as well. Overall, Tales of Eternia is a decent port and a solid game overall, although a lack of polish and original content prevent it from being a standout title. Continue reading ‘Tales of Eternia – Staff Retroview’ »

Happy New Year from RandomNPC!

The title says it all, but just in case that wasn’t enough… Continue reading ‘Happy New Year from RandomNPC!’ »

Winter Requests

It’s that time of the year again. No, not the holidays, the time of the year when hardly any RPGs come out. It’s also a good time for us to frantically catch up on our backlogs, and the staff here at RandomNPC is no exception. However, rather than simply play through them at random, we’re going to let you pick for us. We’ve gathered together a list of ten games per participant, and we’ll be reviewing the top 3-5 games chosen for us, depending on how much time each reviewer has. Continue reading ‘Winter Requests’ »