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Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure – Staff Review #2

Several years ago, a company called Nippon Ichi Soft decided to deliver a game called Rhapsody to North American shores. While the company would later be responsible for such successful titles as Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Rhapsody was not met with much fanfare. In fact, the PlayStation game was regarded by many to be glitchy, lazily built, and not all that much fun. An important question arises: Has anything changed after almost a decade of time with the DS remake of Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure?

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Nippon Ichi Brings Music and Demons to Europe

PAL gamers itching for some Nippon Ichi goodness can get their fill in a few months’ time. It was announced today that PAL territories will be getting Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure for the Nintendo DS and Disgaea DS in spring of 2009.