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What Happened This Week – Nuclear Journalism Sales Effect

Good to see you folks again!  Been an interesting week of big-name personalities competing for air time, and a few surprising announcements to boot.  Let’s break it down:

  • Japanese companies react to the earthquake, and the politics of nuclear power.
  • When selectively quoted, Reggie and Nintendo look down on indie developers.  Context is one mean mother, huh?
  • Peter Molyneux joins the BAFTA Fellowship, admits he may have made up features to the press.  Say it ain’t so, Peter.
  • NPD revises electronic sales tracking, EA/Activision claim with a straight face that digital distribution is a key part of their revenue.
  • Mass Effect 2: Arrival announced.  How will we carry over our precious record of face-punching into Mass Effect 3?
  • Ubisoft contracts research firm to poll on hypothetical NGP prices, and shows up to the music game scene wondering where everybody went.
  • River City Ransom 2 is announced. Barf!

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