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Mass Media 02/15/11

Let he who has not tried to dress is Fallout 3 entourage as a barbershop quartet and then pacify the DC ruins with lasers cast the first stone.  With that in mind, on with the media: Everyday Messiah, Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, Red Stone, Rune Factory Oceans, and Shining Hearts. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 02/15/11’ »

Rune Factory Oceans: Adventure, Romance, Farming, and Giants

By way of Famitsu, details have been revealed about the next installment in the Rune Factory series.  Titled Rune Factory Oceans, the game features the expected mechanics – dating, managing a farm, and traditional adventuring – but with a noticeable uptick in scale.  Specifically, the game apparently starts with a giant uprooting your entire island and carrying it somewhere, and said giant is a recurring feature for retrieving things from the bottom of the ocean: ships, sunken islands, and so on.

As for romance, players can marry their love interest of choice and potentially raise kids.  Seasonal events will also take place during the game, such as fishing challenges and swimsuit contests during summer.  An official site has been launched, although the game is currently set only for a Japanese release of Feburary 24 on the Wii and PS3.

Translation: Adrienne “Sicondera” Beck