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Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love (Wii) – Staff Review

´╗┐Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love exists in a strange realm of intersections. It lies between dating sim and tactical mecha combat sim, between long-established Japanese tradition and familiar New York iconography, between the storytelling constructs we know as “video games” and “anime.” Like the Zen master, or the pathetic fanboy trying to get the “harem” ending, it strives to achieve balance in all things.

No discipline is flawless. At one level or another, we are all human, defective, stained with the deepest seeds of doubt and regret, shame and anger. But we can try, dammit. We can try. And this game, despite some technical flaws, tries. Dammit.

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Sakura Wars Release Moves Back a Week

In a tragedy of epic proportions, right up there with a candy bar getting stuck in a vending machine, Sakura Wars: So Long My Love has been push back from its March 23 release. The announcement comes from NISA’s Nao Zook, who stated that the game will launch the following week on March 30.

Sakura Wars will launch for both the Wii and the PS2 simultaneously.

Sakura Wars Price, Special Edition Announced

With NIS America affiliate RosenQueen now accepting preorders, Sakura Wars: So Long My Love has set its price at $29.99 for the Wii and $39.99 for PS2. An edition exclusive to RosenQueen orders is also available for an extra ten dollars on either platform. The “Unforgettable Memories” package includes an art book, a poster, and a Japanese voice over disc.

Sakura Wars is due for a March release this year. Further details can be found on the game’s website.

Late Night Mass Media 12/15/09

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Sakura Wars Bound for Wii, PS2 Stateside

NIS America has just announced that Sakura Wars: So Long My Love, their mech-based strategy RPG, will be coming to North American retailers early next year. The PlayStation 2 version will include an art book, poster, and special collector’s edition cover, while the Wii version be a single dual-layered disc offered at an “attractive” but unspecified price point. Additionally, the PS2 copy will feature both English and Japanese voice tracks, while the Wii will only offer English. Continue reading ‘Sakura Wars Bound for Wii, PS2 Stateside’ »

Lots o’ News from NISA

NIS America has announced three new titles for North America: Mana Khemia 2 and Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love, both for the PlayStation 2, and Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days for the PSP. All three will be released in the fall.

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