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Secret of Mana Hitting iPhone Soon

An iPhone adaptation of Secret of Mana will be launched before the end of the month, according to producer Masaru Oyamada.  Posting on Square Enix’s official Facebook page, Oyamada assured fans that “we’ll release it soon in this month. I swear it’s soon! I swear again IT’S REALLY SOON!” (emphasis his).  No price was announced, but in the comments for that post Square Enix replied “Less than CHAOS RINGS. Not $0.99.”

The post itself can be read here.

Square Enix Announces Classic Titles for iPhone

Square Enix’s support of the iPhone continues unabated, as the company announces the release of two classic games for the App Store. The first, Final Fantasy Tactics, is actually a release of the updated PSP version, and has a projected release date of September 15th. The second is Secret of Mana, the classic multiplayer Super NES title, which unfortunately has no release date as of yet.

Game Changers: Volume 21 – Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana)

For many gamers, their first experience of multiplayer gaming came in the form of Super Mario Bros. where one lucky player got to be Mario and whoever lost the coin toss got to be his green and white clone, Luigi. When Mario bit the dust at the hands of a hammer-tossing Hammer Brother or got knocked out by a rogue Koopa shell, player two got his chance to do the same thing while payer one got to watch. Thrilling stuff. Continue reading ‘Game Changers: Volume 21 – Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana)’ »

Mana Rains Down On Virtual Console

Players who missed out on the SNES classic Secret of Mana can now try it out for themselves, courtesy of the Virtual Console. The game is rated E10+ and is available for 800 points.

Editorial – Co-operation… makes it happen…

I spent last night screaming at big-screens, small-screens, wide-screens, and flat-screens with a restaurant full of Steelers Nation. We were echoing the emotions of our bretheren on-site at Heinz Field up the river; we were echoing the emotions of similar clusters of fans all over the city; we were echoing the emotions of every native son and daughter of the ‘Burgh. At the end of the night, after a nail-biting conclusion, screams and cries of despair, and speculations of next year’s prospects, I knew the meaning of the word “tune.” I was in harmony with this unruly mob. And that made me think.

(Honestly, this has relevance to RPGs. Just not yet. Hold on…) Continue reading ‘Editorial – Co-operation… makes it happen…’ »