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Shining Resonance Features Dragon/Hero Transformation

As previously mentioned, Shining Resonance stars the Shining Dragon Irvan as the protagonist. Famitsu confirms that the dragon will be able to travel in a more compact human form, shifting between the two as needed. A halfway between state called “Progress Body” will also have some combat applications, unspecified but likely involving dragony death.

Shining Resonance hits the PS3 in Japan on December 11.

Source: Gematsu

Media Vision Developing Shining Resonance for PS3

Sega has announced Shining Resonance, an upcoming RPG for the PlayStation 3. The story features a dragon as the protagonist, who apparently is assisted in battle by human allies; these friendlies play special melodies, allowing for more powerful attacks by the dragon. Combat is reportedly real-time and action-based, with seamless transitions between battle and the game world. Studio Media Vision, best known for the Wild Arms series, is handling development.

No release date was announced at this time, though a teaser website has been set up here.

Source: Gematsu