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Nintendo Release Date Cornucopia

A recent Nintendo press release confirmed several release dates for the first quarter of 2010. In particular, Shiren the Wanderer will be hitting the Wii on February 9. Ragnarok Online DS is due out a week later on the 16th. Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver touches down on March 14, with Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon coming out March 16. Lastly, Infinite Space was confirmed for a March release date, although a specific day was not listed.

Atlus Launches Site, Trailer for Shiren the Wanderer

Legend has it that Shiren’s the kind of guy that likes to roam around. Be that as it may, the official website for Atlus’ upcoming Shiren the Wanderer has gone live, and can be found here. According to the site, the Wii title is expecting a February release in 2010, although a specific date has not been announced. The game’s trailer can be viewed either through the website or courtesy of the YouTube.

It probably has no relation to this song, which is a shame.