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Star Ocean: First Departure – Staff Review

While trying to decide how best to open a review of Star Ocean: First Departure, I came to the painful realization that I couldn’t possibly do so without taking you back in time. Just wasn’t gong to happen. So generate 1.21 gigawatts, strap yourself in, and set your coordinates to Akihabara, July 19, 1996.

(insert Huey Lewis interlude and “Great Scott!” exclamation here)

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Games Ship; Wallets Groan

A slew of RPGs is shipping out today across a range of systems: Star Ocean: First Departure for the PSP, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia for the Nintendo DS, Eternal Sonata for the PlayStation 3, and Fable 2 for the Xbox 360. If you’re a multiplatform RPG player, we at RandomNPC offer our condolences to your wallet.

Star Ocean First Departure – Screenshots

Star Ocean Voyages to PAL Territories this Fall

Star Ocean fans in PAL territories will have something to look forward to this fall. Square Enix announced today that Star Ocean: First Departure for the PSP will be released in PAL territories on October 24. First departure is a remake of the first game of the Star Ocean series. This will mark the first time the game is available outside of Japan.

Star Ocean First Departure – Artwork

Star Ocean Departs For Europe

PAL gamers who are waiting to get their Star Ocean fix can rejoice. Square Enix announced today that Star Ocean: First Departure for the PSP will be headed to Europe this October. Originally released by Enix on the Super Famicon in 1996, the original Star Ocean never made it to North America or Europe. More than a decade later, the remake features a new game engine, new fully-voiced animated cut scenes, and more character interaction.

Star Ocean: First Departure – Screenshots