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What Happened This Week – The Other Half of Wii’s Life

Happy Sunday, folks! Yeah, I know, getting up for work is no fun, so why not put off going to bed a little while longer? Stick around and let’s talk some news. In today’s award* winning** broadcast:

  • Wii 2 speculation is a go: higher definition, screens in the controller, competitive specs with the 360 and PS3.  Well, at least two are plausible.
  • 3DS to sell 11.6 million units by year end, or, to hear doomsayers tell it, “3DS UNDERSELLS DS BY 1.6 MILLION!”
  • iOS/Android get a better share of the handheld market.  Analysts jump to conclusions speculate how this affects Nintendo.
  • Stardock’s Wardell insists that Half-Life 2 Episode 3 has been delayed because of Steam.  I, too, have trouble finishing things when I’m making $Texas.  Of course I have trouble even without the money, a trait that Valve seems to share.
  • Mass Effect and Persona 4 get “the animes.”  Ohhh goody.
  • Jay Walker, of Walker Digital: Suing everybody over alleged minor IP violations erry day.

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What Happened This Week – Impulse Buys and Picking Fights Poorly

Goooood evening, friends! It’s news roundup time, and have we got some stories for you. Here’s the latest:

  • Stardock CEO speaks out on selling Impulse to GameStop, but the reasoning behind the sale remains unclear.  Also, he claims his fingers were broken in a “boking” accident.
  • Nintendo and Sony commiserate over stock price and handheld launch woes.  Those two should get together more often.
  • Sony says price isn’t a make-or-break factor for a platform’s launch.  Uh-oh.
  • Rumor mill discussion over an alleged Sony insider leaking E3 2011 details.  Kaz Hirai and Jack Tretton to fight to the death confirmed.
  • EA thinks it can take on Zynga.  Details to follow in the documentary Wall Street 3: Make Games or Die Trying.
  • Ubisoft thinks it can take on EA and Activision.  Their likely response: “Ubi-who now?”
  • BioWare’s Mass Effect 2 deal, PopCap Games loses their mind, and much more!

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