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Mass Media 07/18/09

The PS3 version of Vesperia needs to come out over here so I can play it. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 07/18/09’ »

Mass Media 06/28/09

Hellooooooooo everybody! How are you all this lovely Sunday? Got a nice big chunk of media for you all, featuring, in no particular order: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord, Final Fantasy Legend II DS, Mega Man Star Force 3, Valhalla Knights 2: Battle Stance, Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Graces, Class of Heroes, Dragon Quest IX, and Devil Survivor. Click away! Continue reading ‘Mass Media 06/28/09’ »

Mass Media 06/24/09

Man, Bethesda, it’s not fair. You already got me re-hooked on Oblivion and now Point Lookout is going to pull me back into Fallout 3 and I gotta play it aaaaaaaalllll from the start again, only this time I figured out how to get the script extender working so I can properly mod my guns now and I think I can get the hovercar mod working right this time but there’s just not enough hours in the day and oh i think i just went crosseyed

Anyhoo, in today’s media update: Final Fantasy Legend II DS, Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Graces, Atelier Rorona, and Genterprise. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 06/24/09’ »

Tales of Graces Shows Off Its Style

Namco-Bandai shines the spotlight on their upcoming Tales installment for the Wii, Tales of Graces, showing off their newest spin on the Linear Motion Battle System– Style Shift.  Continue reading ‘Tales of Graces Shows Off Its Style’ »

Mass Media 06/17/09

Just a couple quick ones for y’all, some Blood of Bahamut screens and a few snippets of Tales media. Apparently they’re making an anime out of Abyss, and there’s some other Tales Supergroup game in the works. Oh, and a shot of a character from the upcoming Tales of Graces. What I’m trying to say is they’re still not making my dream game where it’s just a cast of reasonably charming characters going on wacky adventures without some overarching plot involving racism.

And all of the female characters are voiced by Jennifer Hale. Let me have my dreams! Continue reading ‘Mass Media 06/17/09’ »

Tales of Graces Introduces New Faces

Famitsu has revealed the identities of the lead characters for the next addition to the Tales series. The hero is a young man named Asbel, and the heroine is a nice, quiet girl named Sophie. Even though her name refers to the Greek word for “knowledge,” Sophie is an amnesiac. Such are the perils of plot devices. The game’s story will focus on the themes of love and honor.

Tales of Graces will be out in Japan this winter for the Nintendo Wii.

Source: Famitsu

Translation: Adrienne Beck

Mass Media 04/18/09

Somebody call for a media update? No? Well too bad, ’cause I just spent all day hauling it around and I am not putting this back on the truck. Here’s what we have: Aion: Tower of Eternity, Tales of Graces, Tales of Vesperia PS3, Blue Dragon: Ikai no Kyojuu, Final Fantasy XIII, Magna Carta 2, Shining Force Cross, Elminage II, and Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga. There’s a Warhammer joke in there somewhere, but somebody already used it on the space elf dudes from Star Ocean 4.

…augh, I just realized I should’ve titled my review “Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.” That would’ve been perfect. Librarians were awesome. Anyway, to the pictures: Continue reading ‘Mass Media 04/18/09’ »

Mass Media 04/15/09

No rest for the weary or wicked, eh? Incidentally, I just tried to bypass a Fallout 3 crashing problem with a custom Pipboy radio station by just playing Winamp in the background. This, sadly, chopped up the framerate like so much meat at the mercy of a certain butcher some of you may know. The moral of the story is Fallout 3 and Whitesnake do not get along. Anyway, more media for you fine folks: Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment, Tales of Graces, Crimson Gem Saga, Tales of Vesperia for the PS3, Blood of Bahamut and Arc Rise Fantasia. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 04/15/09’ »

Japan Gets Another Dose of Tales

Last summer it was announced that a new Tales game would be headed to the Wii. This week Namco Bandai held a press conference in Tokyo where the game was formally unveiled as Tales of Graces. Not much is known about the plot thus far. The story revolves around Asbel Lhant, a young man whose world is divided into three kingdoms built around a material named “Eris.” The game will be playable using the Wiimote and nunchuck or with a Classic Controller Pro. As with typical Tales games, Graces will employ a variation of the Linear Motion Battle system the series is known for, in this case the “Style Shift Linear Motion Battle.” It’s due out this winter in Japan.

A PS3 port of Tales of Vesperia was also announced. The game will include twice as much voice acting as the Xbox 360 version as well as a new character, a female pirate by the name of Patty Fleur. The game is slated for a fall release in Japan.

Source: IGN

More Tales for Wii

Tales fans have yet another reason to rejoice. At a press conference in Tokyo, Makoto Yoshuzumi, series manager for the Tales games announced another upcoming addition to the series, this one for the Nintendo Wii. Though little information is available at this time (not even a name), the game is set to be the series’ main release for 2009.

Source: IGN