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What Happened This Week – Free Market V. Captive Audience

Hello once more, folks! Hope you’re enjoying the weekend, and not too busy getting drunk and shooting bottle rockets at each other to check out the news. Quite a bit happened this past week, so let’s break it down:

  • Zynga prepares to go public, and LinkedIn makes a surprising gain through no action of their own.  Pay no attention to that Greece problem in Europe, that could never affect us!
  • Facebook hires George Hotz, possibly for iPad or security-related development.  So you know, this is the man himself. Feel better about yourself?  I sure do.
  • Resident Evil: The Mercenaries‘ save system prevents players from deleting saves.  Capcom says no really, it’s not about the used market, please don’t be mad GameStop.
  • Nintendo thanks its fans for their loyalty and concern over Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, etc. before ripping their hearts out and stomping on them.
  • Politics: SCOTUS rules in favor of game developers/retailers, while a Senate bill plays dueling banjos while eying up YouTube.
  • IGN reveals the ugly truth about LA Noire‘s stay in development hell.  Read the whole thing then wonder why there aren’t more fistfights in the office.
  • World of Warcraft changes its subscription model, Namco-Bandai’s community manager retracts her statement re: Vesperia on 360, and much more!

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What Happened This Week – Money Hats For Everyone

A good evening to all of you! My apologies for the lateness of this update, suffice it to say it’s been a busy week on this end. Still, there’s just enough time for a news rundown, so let’s get at it. Tonight, we talk about the following:

  • PopCap is looking for a billion-dollar acquisition, and EA looks to be the buyer.  Why fight Zynga when you can pay others to do it?
  • Streaming game service Gaikai teams up with WalMart to let you play game demos online through your browser.  Bandwidth-capping ISPs are going to love this.
  • An internal newsletter reveals Eve Online developers debating the merits of microtransactions.  The internet’s response: casual and relaxed.  So very, very relaxed.
  • Rumors are a-circulatin’ that Xenoblade Chronicles might not make to America.  Europe is stunned by the possibility of being the lucky ones this time.
  • Namco-Bandai admits that Microsoft paid them $Texas to keep Tales of Vesperia on the 360 in the west.  Hmm… you think that’d get Valkyria Chronicles 3 over here?
  • Microsoft also plans to use Kinect for interactive advertising on TV and in games.  Oh goody, more of the opposite of what I wanted!

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Mass Media 12/13/09

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Mass Media 10/04/09

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Mass Media 09/13/09

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Mass Media 08/30/09

I woke up this morning to find my car parked half a foot away from the curb, which is what I get for coming home at three in the morning. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 08/30/09’ »

Mass Media 07/25/09

Is the main character of Vesperia male or female? I seriously cannot tell. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 07/25/09’ »

Mass Media 07/18/09

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Japanese Tales of Vesperia PS3 Demo Out, Now With Pirate Girl

The PS3 release of Tales of Vesperia now has a demo available on the Japanese Playstation store. A key difference from the 360 demo is a playable new character: Patty Fleur, a little pirate girl and/or HMS Pinafore extra. As she is not technically a ‘man’ of the sea, there will be no multiple camera angles accompanied by dramatic gong clashes.

Source: Siliconera

Tales of Vesperia Brings Summer Fun to PS3

The upcoming PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia is heating up like a sidewalk in the summer sun. The Japanese demo for the game will hit the PlayStation Store on July 13. It has also been announced that the full version of the game will include swimwear for the game’s characters.

Sources: Kotaku, Dengeki

Mass Media 06/28/09

Hellooooooooo everybody! How are you all this lovely Sunday? Got a nice big chunk of media for you all, featuring, in no particular order: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord, Final Fantasy Legend II DS, Mega Man Star Force 3, Valhalla Knights 2: Battle Stance, Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Graces, Class of Heroes, Dragon Quest IX, and Devil Survivor. Click away! Continue reading ‘Mass Media 06/28/09’ »

Mass Media 06/24/09

Man, Bethesda, it’s not fair. You already got me re-hooked on Oblivion and now Point Lookout is going to pull me back into Fallout 3 and I gotta play it aaaaaaaalllll from the start again, only this time I figured out how to get the script extender working so I can properly mod my guns now and I think I can get the hovercar mod working right this time but there’s just not enough hours in the day and oh i think i just went crosseyed

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Mass Media 04/18/09

Somebody call for a media update? No? Well too bad, ’cause I just spent all day hauling it around and I am not putting this back on the truck. Here’s what we have: Aion: Tower of Eternity, Tales of Graces, Tales of Vesperia PS3, Blue Dragon: Ikai no Kyojuu, Final Fantasy XIII, Magna Carta 2, Shining Force Cross, Elminage II, and Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga. There’s a Warhammer joke in there somewhere, but somebody already used it on the space elf dudes from Star Ocean 4.

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Mass Media 04/15/09

No rest for the weary or wicked, eh? Incidentally, I just tried to bypass a Fallout 3 crashing problem with a custom Pipboy radio station by just playing Winamp in the background. This, sadly, chopped up the framerate like so much meat at the mercy of a certain butcher some of you may know. The moral of the story is Fallout 3 and Whitesnake do not get along. Anyway, more media for you fine folks: Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment, Tales of Graces, Crimson Gem Saga, Tales of Vesperia for the PS3, Blood of Bahamut and Arc Rise Fantasia. Continue reading ‘Mass Media 04/15/09’ »

Japan Gets Another Dose of Tales

Last summer it was announced that a new Tales game would be headed to the Wii. This week Namco Bandai held a press conference in Tokyo where the game was formally unveiled as Tales of Graces. Not much is known about the plot thus far. The story revolves around Asbel Lhant, a young man whose world is divided into three kingdoms built around a material named “Eris.” The game will be playable using the Wiimote and nunchuck or with a Classic Controller Pro. As with typical Tales games, Graces will employ a variation of the Linear Motion Battle system the series is known for, in this case the “Style Shift Linear Motion Battle.” It’s due out this winter in Japan.

A PS3 port of Tales of Vesperia was also announced. The game will include twice as much voice acting as the Xbox 360 version as well as a new character, a female pirate by the name of Patty Fleur. The game is slated for a fall release in Japan.

Source: IGN

Europe Hears Tell of Tales

Namco Bandai announced today that Tales of Vesperia for the Xbox 360 will be released in PAL regions. It will be heading overseas this June.

RPGs Reign; Tales Speed Sales

The Xbox 360 has long been the black sheep of the console war in Japan, but it got a bit of a boost this week with the release of Tales of Vesperia. The latest installment of the Tales series debuted on the charts at #4 selling 108,000 copies in its first week. The 360 meanwhile quadrupled its normally low weekly sales numbers, moving 20,000 units rather than the regular 5,000.

Tales of Vesperia is one of five RPGs on the top ten for the week of August 4-10 in Japan. Phantasy Star Portable for the PSP took top spot with 148,000 units sold (for a total of 490,000). Fire Emblem DS was close behind with 145,000 in its first week on the market. Dragon Quest V DS stands at #5, selling 73,000 units this week, putting its total sales past the one million mark. And Summon Night 2 for the DS, also released this week, managed to sell 30,000 and grab spot #7.

Source: Gamekyo

Tales of Vesperia – Screenshots, Boxart

Source: Dengeki

Tales Celebrates Ten Years With Goodies

Namco Bandai announced today a special edition of Tales of Vesperia in honor of the tenth anniversary of the Tales series. It will be packaged in a special steelbook case featuring art by Kosuke Fujishima. Included with the game is a CD with twenty-five tracks spanning the Tales series. Fourteen songs will be from Tales of Vesperia itself along with three from Tales of the Abyss, four from Tales of Symphonia, two from Tales of Phantasia, and two from Tales of Destiny.

The limited edition will be available only at certain retailers at a suggested price of $69.99.  Tales of Vesperia is due out on August 26 for the Xbox 360.

Tales of Vesperia – Screenshots

Source: Dengeki