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More Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Costumes Revealed

In the series’ ongoing quest to cater to obsessive-compulsives everywhere, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles will include costumes from Tales of Xillia. Costumes for Alvin (Zelos), Ludger (Kratos), and Elize (Presea) can be earned on a second playthrough, or players can unlock them from the start with save data from Tales of Xillia or its sequel.

Source: Gematsu

Mass Media 06/16/13

Namco Bandai Launch Announcements: Project X Zone, Tales of Xillia

Namco Bandai RPG mashup Project X Zone will see a North American release on June 25, with the European release to follow on July 5. The price is set at $39.99 for the limited edition, which includes a mini artboot and a music CD.

Separately, the company also confirmed that Tales of Xillia will launch worldwide in August: 8/6 for North America, 8/9 for Europe. North America will also get a collector’s edition, featuring a limited edition Milla Maxwell figure, a 100-page artbook, and a special music CD; all that runs $99.99. Europe, meanwhile, gets two special bundles: the “D1 Edition” includes the game, artbook, and music CD for standard price, while the “Milla Maxwell Collector’s Edition” includes all the content of the US CE, priced at £79.99.

Source: Gematsu

Tales of Xillia US Release Date Set

Namco Bandai has announced that Tales of Xillia will see a North American release on the PS3 on August 6.

Source: Gematsu

Not So Mass Media

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Tales of Xillia Coming Stateside

Namco Bandai has just issued a press release announcing that Tales of Xillia will indeed be localized for a North American release. No specific date was given beyond 2013.

Namco Bandai Raises Forecast Over Tales, Gundam Performance

Not to be outdone, Namco Bandai has also announced an increase in earnings forecast for the current fiscal year. With prior numbers at 420 mil for sales and 25mil for operating income, the company now expects respective increases to 440mil and 31.5mil. These are owed, in large part, to high sales of Tales of Xillia (760k units) and Gundam Extreme VS (550K units).

Source: Andriasang

Tales of Xillia Makes Series Preorder Records

Tales producer Makoto Yoshizumi has confirmed, via Twitter, that Tales of Xillia has reached record numbers of preorders for the series. The exact number is unknown, though the PS3 version of Vesperia held the previous high at 140,000 and retailer promo materials indicated that 200,000 or greater was expected.

Xillia is set for a September 8 release in Japan. No US release has been announced.

Source: Andriasang

Mass Media 08/20/11

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Mass Media 08/04/2011

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Mass Media 06/28/11

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Mass Media 06/13/11

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Tales of Xillia Gets Release Date, Special Edition PS3

Namco Bandai announced this week that Tales of Xillia will see a September 8 release in Japan. Retailing separately at ¥8,379, Xillia will also be packaged in a special PS3 bundle that includes the game and a custom-colored system for ¥37,980.

Source: Andriasang

Tweaks Announced to Tales of Xillia’s Chat System

Long part of the Tales series, inter-party banter and skits will see a few revisions for Tales of Xillia. While the optional conversations still exist and are accessible in the normal way – pushing a button when prompted – characters will now comment on their surroundings in real time. This also comes into play in battles, as active party members comment on particular events. Of particular note is that players can swap their parties in mid-fight, and many battle comments hinge upon doing so.

Xillia is slated for a release in Japan later this year. No US release has been announced.

Source: 1UP

Mass Media 04/05/11

You didn’t think you’d get through this week without some media, did you? If you said no, great. If you said yes, I’m hurt. Deeply. But enough babbling, here’s what we have: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2, Disgaea 4, Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2, Final Fantasy III iPod, Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection, Gloria Union, Gungnir: Mayari no Gunshin to Eiyuu Sensou, R.P.G. Mode, Sekai Yuusha, and Tales of Xillia. Have at it!

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Mass Media 03/22/11

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Mass Media 03/01/11

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Mass Media 02/20/11

Capping Sunday off with some media for you, in hopes that you’re not getting hit with still more snow. Also, does anybody else ever imagine fight scenes and chases set to something classic? Like, a guy jumping through a window and doing a parkour bounce off the far wall and landing in a dumpster, but with “Just a Gigolo” by Louis Prima playing in the background? Sometimes I empathize with the guy from Seinfeld who zoned out every time he heard “Desperado”. But I digress.

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Slightly Less Mass Media 02/02/11

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Tales of Xillia Announced, Details Unveiled

By way of an official site, Namco-Bandai formally announced the next Tales entry.  Tales of Xillia is bound for the PS3, with a Japanese release sometime next year.  Tales veterans Kosuke Fujishima and Mutsumi Inomata have been confirmed as character designers, and the game will feature both male and female leads: Shuto Matis and Mira Maxwell, respectively.  Of further note is that two directors will helm the project.  Asano Inoki directed the Symphonia sequel, Dawn of the New World, while Naoto Miyadera had previously worked on both Symphonia and Abyss.

A trailer is available via the site and YouTube.

Source and translation: andriasang