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Mass Media 03-02-14

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Mass Media’s Still Here, El Guapo! – 01-14-14

Tales of Zestiria Details Revealed

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Tales of Zestiria Announced for PS3

Namco Bando has announced the next entry in the Tales series. Tales of Zestiria will be a PS3 title, and is the 20th anniversary entry in the series. Story details are scarce at this time, though the lead characters have been revealed: the imaginatively-named Slay – paradoxically a kind-hearted nice guy with an interest in ancient ruins – and a spear-wielding princess named Alicia.

Tatsurou Udou, lead planner for Tales of Graces, will be working on Zestiria. The title is planned for a worldwide release, though a release date or timeframe has not been revealed.

Source: Gematsu

Tales of Hearts R Heads for iOS

Tales of Hearts R, the Vita remake of Tales of Hearts, is now available on iOS, though currently in Japan only. For the game’s release week, the price has been set at 1800 yen; after October 15, it will climb to 3800 yen.

Source: Gematsu

More iOS Tales On the Way

With Tales of Link recently announced for iOS, Namco Bandai followed up by stating that the PSP version of Tales of Phantasia will see a re-release on the same platform this fall. Additionally, a new title – Tales of Bibliotheca – is also in development for iOS; this one more of a scenario collection app that covers multiple Tales entries. Each downloadable chapter will include a summary, various scenes, new illustrations, and original battles, though voices will remain untouched.

Chapter 1 of Bibliotheca will be free, covering Tales of Vesperia and launching in mid-September. Subseqent chapters 2-12 are 170 yen individually, with the full game costing 1700 yen. No US releases were announced for either title.

Source: Gematsu

Mass 30 Years Old Media 09/03/13

Smartphone-Based Tales Game Announced

The ever-prolific Tales series will see a mobile installment, according to Namco Bandai. The company announced Tales of Link in development for smartphones, planned for a fall release in Japan.

Source: Gematsu

More Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Costumes Revealed

In the series’ ongoing quest to cater to obsessive-compulsives everywhere, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles will include costumes from Tales of Xillia. Costumes for Alvin (Zelos), Ludger (Kratos), and Elize (Presea) can be earned on a second playthrough, or players can unlock them from the start with save data from Tales of Xillia or its sequel.

Source: Gematsu

Mass Media 08/04/13

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Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Gets More Bonus Costumes

Had your fill of extra costumes for Tales games? Of course you haven’t. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles will reportedly include bonus costumes from Tales of Vesperia: Rita for Colette, and Judith for Sheena.

Source: Gematsu

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles to Feature Dual Audio

Nihongophiles and/or Tales fans, rejoice: dual audio will be available in Tales of Symphonia Chronicles. Speaking the Japan Expo in France, Tales series producer Hideo Baba confirmed that the high-definition makeover will feature both English and Japanese voice tracks.

As a friendly reminder, Chronicles includes both the original Tales of Symphonia and the sequel Dawn of the New World. The title will launch in Japan this October, and early in 2014 for everywhere else.

Source: Gematsu

Tales of Xillia Sequel Confirmed for NA, EU

Speaking of western releases, the follow-up to Tales of Xillia – that being Tales of Xillia 2 – will launch in North America and Europe, Namco Bandai confirmed in a press release. The title is planned for a 2014 release, and players with a save file from Tales of Graces f and/or Tales of Xillia (coming 8/6) will gain access to “exclusive bonus items” in Xillia 2.

Source: Gematsu

Mass Media 06/16/13

Not So Mass Media 06/08/13

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Coming to PS3

Namco Bandai, catching on that we liked us some Tales of Symphonia, announced plans to release a compilation celebrating the game’s 10th anniversary. Subtitled as Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, this will include high-definition remasters of both Symphonia and its sequel Dawn of the New World.

Scheduled for an October 10 release in Japan, Chronicles will reach North America and Europe in early 2014.

Source: Gematsu

Namco Bandai Launch Announcements: Project X Zone, Tales of Xillia

Namco Bandai RPG mashup Project X Zone will see a North American release on June 25, with the European release to follow on July 5. The price is set at $39.99 for the limited edition, which includes a mini artboot and a music CD.

Separately, the company also confirmed that Tales of Xillia will launch worldwide in August: 8/6 for North America, 8/9 for Europe. North America will also get a collector’s edition, featuring a limited edition Milla Maxwell figure, a 100-page artbook, and a special music CD; all that runs $99.99. Europe, meanwhile, gets two special bundles: the “D1 Edition” includes the game, artbook, and music CD for standard price, while the “Milla Maxwell Collector’s Edition” includes all the content of the US CE, priced at £79.99.

Source: Gematsu

Tales of Xillia US Release Date Set

Namco Bandai has announced that Tales of Xillia will see a North American release on the PS3 on August 6.

Source: Gematsu

Mass Media 03/03/13

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Late Night Mass Media 01/20/13

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