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Video Review Test

It sure seems like we’re posting a lot of samples for new sections this week. A lot of the projects we’ve been working towards behind the scenes for a last few months are finally just about ready to go. You’ve probably wondered what happened to the reviews I’ve been working on during this time. Well…this should probably give you a pretty good clue. Please note that this is only a test. We are not covering Super Mario Galaxy; it was just a recent non-RPG I beat that I figured a lot of people would be familiar with. This is also more of a half review than a full one since I wasn’t planning to post this publically at first. Anyway, the point of this is just to get some feedback before I finish off the real reviews for the games that we do cover, so please leave comments if you have any. Continue reading ‘Video Review Test’ »

NPCast Test Launch

Good news, our loyal readers! Due to popular request, and because it sounded like a good idea at the time, we are going live with podcasts. Now you won’t just see us, you’ll hear us, too! Well… okay, you couldn’t see us before. At least, I hope you couldn’t, because that would be very off-putting. Ahem. Anyway, we’re just testing the system for uploading these things, we’ll have a meatier introduction piece soon. In the meantime, sit back, relax, and try not to think about more productive things you could be doing than listening to me telling you to buy Deus Ex.

Like, for instance, buying Deus Ex ^^b
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